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2005/04/26 08:08:13 PDT by MorbidChylde [0/0]

I know this may seem pretty inane, but I've noticed that some of the characters in the 'The Game > Characters > Playable Characters' section do not have any artwork in their descriptions. Is that because they have not had any drawn for them, or is there some in another location? If they have not had any drawn for them, do they have sprites yet? The reason I ask is because if there are no concept art for the characters I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a few concept sketches for them. To give you an idea of what I can do art-wise here are a few pics I've done:

Final Fantasy 4 Fanart (Featuring Rydia and Cecil vs. Bombs)

Final Fantasy 7 Fanart (Featuring Yuffie)

Final Fantasy 7 Fanart (Featuring Cloud)

My Original Comic/Manga Character: Garlynde Darkwillow

My Friend's Original Comic/Manga Character: Ayame

My Friend's Original Comic/Manga Character: Travis Hitori

In any case, let me know if you'd like me to do some concepts for them. Thanks. :)

2005/04/26 10:07:22 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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There are no "official" concept drawings for Delloran, Cade, Rheya, or Rush, although for Rheya there is a drawing which was almost done which I'd like to use, if I can ever get the artist to come back and finish it. Sprites come after concept art, so we don't have those either (and, actually, I'm starting to lead towards going 3D again, so we may never have sprites). So, yeah, feel free to submit concept art for any character that doesn't have an official concept.

2005/04/26 10:24:37 PDT by Dev [manager]
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As Temporal said, there aren't official drawings, but there has been concept art of varying accuracy and style that have been submitted for most of our characters. Hopefully before we "relaunch" I can put these drawings up as new tasks, together with relevant art that has been done in the past so you don't have to start from scratch.

Also, note that Fate of Io is aiming for a general artistic style (sort of semi-anime) that you can see in our official art. If that's simply not a style you draw, don't sweat it too much. We had an excellent submission for Enna, for example; even though it didn't match the style, it gave a clear visual concept of the character. So I guess I want to say that even if your art doesn't match with our "official" concepts, it can still be just as useful.

A final caveat: We currently don't have an official design for Antareans in general. This should probably be done before any serious artwork continues for Delloran.

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