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2008/03/20 05:56:23 PST by johnzo [0/0]

Ok, at the risk of seeming too much like a scavenger, if anyone ever reads this and would like to work on a game that is actually alive and nearly finished, please contact me - johnzo1@gmail.com.

It's a web-based PvP card based battle game set in a fictional land where 2 groups are at war, one based in science, and the other imbued with magic.

I have the game engine 95% complete for the card battle portion (written as a combination of ajax, javascript, php, and flash), and will soon be adding a world map, where each city is a different chat room where users can pair up and duel, or play against a computer opponent, or buy/sell/trade cards at shops.

If there are any artists or flash animators out there looking for something fun to work on let me know. I need lots of backgrounds (cities, forests, scorched earth deserts etc) and lots of flash animations of the different cards (monsters, weapons, magic spells etc).

I would eventually like to get to a profitable model similar to adventurequest (battleon.com), so there is possibility of commissions for your work down the line. I will be doing a free public beta to start with to work out all the bugs before attempting something like that though.

FOI was fun while it lasted, but it's certainly seems that this train has pulled into a station of no return. I remember joining up back when it was still just a sub forum piggy packing on a FF9 forum. Certainly had a lot of good ideas on the way though... The project may be gone, but don't let your creativity go to waste!

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