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2010/02/17 08:34:11 PST by albertobosia [0/0]

hi everybody, i'm an italian student, my name is alberto
i was wondering on the net looking for free graphics engines and i found gauge 3d.
i felt very impressed when i read you were developing a project like this.
i'd like to help you, i'm studing c++ and java at school and i can manage databases and a lot of things. i'm still without experience, but i really want to be in this project.
ps:if you need another language i can learn it, of course
pps: my programming skill is better than my english
ppps: i'm really sorry if i posted this topic in the wrong place, move it wherever you preferp

2010/02/28 21:07:00 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Not the wrong place, unless you mean this website as a whole. This place is completely dead, man. Look at the dates. Three posts in the past year, and nothing related to the actual project in half a decade. Not to put you off, but don't expect an output for your growth and skills here. No one else does anymore.

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