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Willing to take over project
2010/10/20 13:44:43 PDT by Servant [0/0]

"In any case, regardless of whether or not you agree with me on this, the fact remains that neither I nor Dev has the time or inclination to lead this project. With no leader, the project is dead. If someone else wants to step in and take over, I'll be happy to let them pick up where we left off."

I'm happy to pick up this project where you guys left off and finish it. I think the Fate of Io seems very interesting at first, and I don't think I want to see this project...er...dying is not the right word, how about "rotting"?

Obviously, me leading the project would likely lead to a different game than if the original founders led it, but I'll be fine with that. I rather have a game made than not. Besides, I don't think this website will remain online forever, so I have a limited amount of time to convert this website into a game.

2011/01/21 11:22:20 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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As one of the longest standing members of this project and one of the most heartbroken to see it die as it has...I am interested in hearing what your intentions are. I am also interested to hear about your experience in such matter and maybe a little info about yourself?


2011/03/18 19:14:50 PST by Servant [0/0]

My intention is (or was) to produce a game. A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure that stays very close to the source materials and the proposed game mecahnics. My experience in programming is limited to making CYOAs, and doing modding for LCS.

However, since I made that post, I realized that it might be difficult for me to actually do this effectively, and I have just had new ideas that I would rather pursue than this. So, I'm likely not going to be leading the Fate of Io project. Sorry.

Added at 2011/03/18 19:29:47 PST

LCS stands for Liberal Crime Squad, it's a game made by Bay12Games where you play as a leftist terrorist cell in the USA.

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