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Can I add a new character?
2002/11/26 22:21:36 PST by Drake Renault [0/0]

Hello everyone! I'm just a newbie, and I'm just wondering if I can add a new character. Please send me a reply at Drake_Renault@yahoo.com . Thanks!

2002/11/26 22:39:59 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
Edited at 2002/11/27 08:25:07 PST
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Well it's no problem to reply here. After all, the site is basically a site and forum.

In answer to your question, sorry but no. The characters were all decided on quite a while back, so I highly suggest not getting too into the idea. Unless Dev would consider a hidden character or two (I personally wouldn't...so I'd guess no). Sorry about that, you're about...2 years late =). But welcome to the project!

EDIT: Notice how I said "around?" Besides, it is nearly two years...Feb is coming up soon. And I don't think it would work with an NPC either, since our story is already figured out, and if we were to add another NPC, it wouldn't be an important one...unless it would be in a side-quest or something...

2002/11/26 23:27:33 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

Well Drake, I'm pretty sure the idea of a new playable character is out. Maybe an NPC but it would most likley come down to a "no" for another playable character.

2 years late? I don't think we've been on this for that long. Almost 2 years maybe, but it seems closer to a year and a half to me.

Feel free to stick around give some input and enjoy yourself. Welcome to FoI.

2002/11/27 09:11:24 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Player character -> No.
NPC -> Maybe, if it fits in somewhere.

E-mail replies -> No. You have to come back if you want to read replies to your posts.

2002/11/28 17:03:11 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
Edited at 2002/11/28 17:03:56 PST
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Playable characters are out and this was settled a damn long time ago. The characters so far have been decided as well as the major NPCs.

It really depends on what the character actually IS. It could be that comical moving trader (O'aka) or that vigilante hunting man that protects a small farming village in the middle of bloody NOWHERE.

It really depends. I will email you this time but THAT'S IT AFTER THIS.

2002/12/11 11:32:32 PST by CheF [0/1]

hey Davy Boy... I'm back...

Anyhoo..... post stuff about the new character anyway. WE might be able to use some or all of it elsewhere.

2003/10/21 21:12:43 PDT by Seraph [0/1]

Hey, I understand that I'm coming in about a year after the discussion ended but, I think it would definitely be way cool to give one of the already existing opposing characters a power-hungry "Sephiroth" type look or feel. Well, its actually just because of my mad obsession with Sephiroth but still, who does'nt love Sephiroth-type characters(beside Cloud-type characters of course!)

2003/10/21 21:36:35 PDT by Dev [manager]
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I was recently reminded that long ago, we at FoI were determined to sever our Final Fantasy links and try not to use it or its standards (in terms of gameplay, characters, whatever) as a reference point. So hopefully you won't be surprised if I don't enthusiastically indulge your idea, Seraph. -_-

However, if you do want to work on rounding out a baddie character, one of ours is in quite a bit of need, actually. And I would think that Tyrus is perhaps the most power-hungry Sephiroth-like character in our story. But let's not talk about it here. Let's talk about it here!

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