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2002/12/10 23:03:58 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]

Also, people who don't bother to try using IRC wouldn't have enough will to contribute anything meaningfull in chat.

2002/12/11 02:14:23 PST by Temporal [manager]
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These chats will be much more successful on AIM. The thing is, if we use AIM, then the amount of effort it takes for someone to join chat is nearly zero. People will join in thinking "why not?" With IRC, people have to put in extra effort, and won't be willing to do it if they aren't all that interested.

Sure, most of the core people will be willing to do IRC. But, what about the fringe people? The people who aren't quite sure how interested they are in this project? The casual contributors? You might say that they aren't important, because they aren't going to contribute much anyway. I would argue the opposite; they are more important to get into chat, because if we don't get them involved, they won't contribute much.

This becomes more of a problem if chats are to be a common thing. If there's a chat every night, you can be sure that I'm not going to put much effort into being there, because no particular chat will seem all that important. But, if I just have to click "accept" on a chat invitation, maybe I will.

Anyway, I don't see how IRC's features are a big deal to us. We have had moderated discussions using the honor principle on AIM with little trouble. If we start having problems with trolls and spammers some day, then maybe we can move to IRC, but otherwise, I see no need, and a lot of disadvantages.

2002/12/11 09:02:22 PST by Furymaster [0/0]

Well I like chats that are actually hosted by the site or whatever can host it. However if you want to use AIM Rooms you can always create a link on the site that someone clicks and it goes there for an example go here http://furymaster.com/battlegrounds.html if you like this I can always give you the code for it.

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2002/12/11 11:39:22 PST by Alex [0/0]
Edited at 2002/12/11 11:56:33 PST

Here's the old text from the previous version of the site.

Quote from CHAT page of v3.3b site:

The Fate of Io community meets regularly for real-time chat. We have two separate chat-rooms:

  • The "[link="aim:gochat?roomname=Fate+of+Io"]Public Chat-Room[/link]" is on AOL Instant Messenger. It's a great place to hang out with the FoI folk and get to know everybody in a casual environment. No scary C++ debates in here. [image]

    [link="javascript:s='This feature is not yet available in v4PM.';document.write('<h1>'+s+'</h1>');alert(s);"]Almost 90[/link] of FoI forum members have AIM, and you will find around a dozen of us online on an average night. If you are looking to contact someone directly with a question, feel free to do so. The people you can contact include [link="aim:addBuddy?screenname=DevVJ"]Sam Pierce[/link] (Project Founder) and [link="aim:addBuddy?screenname=Phant019"]Alex Libman[/link] (the Webmaster).

  • The "[link="[irc://irc.dal.net/FateOfIo]"]Strict Chat-Room[/link]" is located on IRC: #FateOfIo on DALnet (irc.dal.net). It moves much slower than the AIM room, and the conversation is always expected to be on topic. No fooling around. This room is usually empty until some people in the AIM room decide to branch off for some dense conversation.

    If you don't have an IRC program yet, we recommend mIRC or Trillian. After you get on, the final step is to register with NickServ, so no one could use your name while you're disconnected.

If you miss some conversation you're interest in, we save all our [link="javascript:s='This feature is not yet available in v4PM.';document.write('<h1>'+s+'</h1>');alert(s);"]chat logs[/link]. (Please keep that in mind while in chat.)

That was then, this is now...

2002/12/11 15:28:12 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Hmm...I suggest we do the same thing. We start off with the AIM chat room...then if things get out of control or WAY too off topic, then we can go to the IRC room if we want. A FAQ should of course be availiable on the site. I can write a small FAQ on using IRCLE for macs users if you want me to.

2002/12/13 16:07:26 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
Edited by Temporal at 2002/12/13 18:17:36 PST
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(hey everybody!!! =D)

I don't use IRC myself...apart from the fact that I have a stupidly small HDD, I jus ...well...I jus can't be arsed!!

You have to keep in mind that we have and will continue to gain, fat lazy slobs as well as neat n tidy hardcore programmers. Each with thier own likes and dislikes for real-time chatting enviroment. Me myself, I prefer AIM.

I have the code from Furymaster's site. (with thanks btw, we shall be quoting you for the code in the code design notes. Thanks again)

<a href="aim:gochat?roomname=Fate+of+Io">AIM chat</a>
2003/01/13 14:17:27 PST by Vilion [0/0]

Hey, I'm new here. So I don't exactly know what to do. Can someone fill me in please.

2003/01/13 15:04:54 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Vilion: You should read the introduction -- it was made specifically to answer your question.

2003/01/20 23:26:25 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]

Hey, so what happened to this topic, FYI we decided that we would use both the AIM and IRC rooms and Temp registered #fateofio on espernet and well... since then.... I've been the only one there.

Here's the last chat log:

.10:43:25pm. ?? Joined: #fateofio
.01:05:31am. ?? You are now: Bahamut[sleep]
.03:00:10pm. ?? You are now: BahamutONE
.03:40:37pm. ?? You are now: BahamutONE-S-S
.07:53:09pm. ?? You are now: Bahamut[away]
.12:33:38am. ?? You are now: BahamutONE
.03:33:38am. ?? You are now: Bahamut[sleep]
.09:53:56am. ?? You are now: BahamutONE
.10:23:05am. ?? You are now: A_F_K
.10:36:10am. ?? You are now: BahamutONE
.10:41:15am. ?? You are now: A_F_K
.10:41:55am. ?? You are now: Back_at_230_PST
.02:57:17pm. ?? You are now: BahamutONE
.11:22:33pm. ?? You are now: Bahamut[sleep]
.11:23:14pm. ?? You are now: BahamutONE

2003/01/21 20:57:59 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

LOL!!! Thats what the AIM room looks like too.

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