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Status Ailments
2002/12/06 22:52:18 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]
Edited by Dev at 2002/12/07 15:58:41 PST

Ok, for starters, here are the one proposed in the old forums, I just dumped all the old thread's idea into one big post for convenience. The old thread is here.

Black Squall's ideas

Silence dissables the character from using magic, and poision decreases health on a regular basis.

Berserk could cause the affected character to run around aimlessly and attack the nearest enemy. Confuse on the other hand would cause the character to run around and attack the nearest attackable character, friend or foe. In both cases special abilities and commands would be renderd useless. Also strength could go up and defense down or all stats on the affected character could stay the same.

Stone and Petrify, could work in easily if we had the status effect wear off when the caster becomes dissabled as to not become too much of burden to the player. Petrify takes place over lets say a period of a minute and stone happens instantly.

Sleep could be the same thing as stop but easier to be cured, like with a physical attack. While asleep your defence should drop dramatically.

Slow could be speed -50% and stop could be used the same way, but it would be a little frusterating if they came to a complete stop. You know, one person out of the whole party is stopped and the player doesn't have any items that cure stop in any way; the player would have to wait around for the effect to wear off. You could work around this, and make it so when the enemy that casts the status effect is disabled the effect wears off.

I know typically Blind and Dark are the same thing, but whats to stop us from having 2 levels of the status effect? Blind could be like accuacy -25% and dark accuracy - 90%

Human Machine's ideas:

staying out in hot places- instant confusion in battles (exhaustion)
cold- speed slows and defense rises but eventually cant move (frozen)
... maybe show character whiter as if icey????
wet- speed slows defense drops (soaked)
dry- berserk... hhhhmm... maybe there could be a mirage and you go
crazy (dehydrated)

Bahamut ONE's ideas:

Open Wound: your character loses blood and HP. Remedy: bandage.
Hunger: Your character's Strength, Magic and Defense attributes are lowered. Remedy: sandwich.
Mana Burn: Your character's max MP becomes 0. Remedy: um... something ore related? Like Ore Powder....
Morph:Since Brooke has the ability to turn your party members into creatures, she should be able to turn enemies into ducks or rabbits.Remedy: De-morph

Jewelss' ideas:

1) Weariness: Due to much running or fighting, or whatever, the characters are going to start getting weary, no?
Effect: Losing HP or being unable to participate in battle
Remedy: The one that'd be common sense would be having a "Rest" option in the menu. Otherwise staying at a hotel as opposed to a tent might work, as you sleep better in a hotel.
Advantage(s): Adds realism, could add to story?
Disadvantage(s): Could get annoying, as could be quite common

2) Tense: Staying with the same people day and night constantly, and not always having a decent nights sleep, people will get tense (those in the UK, see "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" (ITV, 9pm))
Effect: Refusing to participate in battle with people the character is stressed with, or unable to use his/her abilities properly, due to anger
Remedy: Rest (again) but in a hotel, to ensure decent rest. Or use a tranquiliser or something similar
Advantage(s): Umm, again, realism, and again, could be story related
Disadvantage(s): Admittedly, to find a party where everybody gets along, in any world, is going to be very hard, so, could happen often

3) Petrify: Not the normal turn to stone petrify, but scared petrify. Could be caused by fear of ... (depending on character)
Effect: Being unable to participate in anything due to fear
Remedy: An item like "Rose-coloured glasses" which stop the character from seeing that thing for a certain amount of time, before the power fades. Or, counselling, which could be in every town, this could also work for "Tense", stress and fear counselling
Advantage(s): Again, realism, and adds character development, and possibly more to the story, if we're going to explain why that character is scared of ...
Disadvantage(s): Could mean we have to add more to towns and means if a character is scared of insects, meeting an insect (or giant insect, whatever) in battle, is going to get very annoying!

4) Anger: Like Tense, but less character reliant.
Effect: Like Berserk, but doesn't increase attack power. Alternatively, could mean the character won't obey all commands, and takes matters into their hands.
Remedy: Tranquiliser or rest, or even a gym or something, with a punchbag?
Advantage(s): Hmm, good question, I don't know why I even have this section
Disadvantage(s): Fighting and getting injured is enough to make anyone angry, could be frequent
Notes: Instead of being a status effect, this could be a bar or something, as the character gets injured or keeps a status effect the bar could rise, so when it reaches the top he/she could get angry until cured, or until a certain amount of time has passed, and the bar has fallen to the bottom again?

Baron Sengir's ideas:

Cause: Maybe a critical attack or some kind of strong blow?
Cure: Wears off.
Effect: Makes the character "forget" all of his/her own abilities for a while?

Defanition: An injury to an organ, especially the brain, produced by a violent blow and followed by a temporary or prolonged loss of function.
Effect: Lose use of all abilities, magic etc.
Remedy: Time, other than that I don't no...
Advantages: Realism.
Disadvanteges: Really anoying, especially for magic users. If its based on critical attacks then it could happen often.

I think Davy might have started an OA acording to the thread. Personally, I think we should aim for few status aliments. We really don't need hundreds.
We should also try to make them original... I mean, almot every single RPG I've play has "sleep".
I like status that are both positive and negative, kinda like Rage or Sadness in FF7, adds strategy to the game.

2002/12/07 00:00:03 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Gee Baha, where's all MY stuff? ;)

K, after reading Temp's new little Battle thing in the node, I'm having some new understandings of our ailments. As Temp said, every "battle" is a life and death situation. Therefore, our ailments situations have got to be much more important. We can't just name tons of typical RPG ailments and implement them as if you're gonna fight millions of random battles and there will be TONS of chances where you can recieve an ailment.

As Temp also said, basically every monster will be thought out and chosen a location, so these monsters will have to have specific abilities, and therefore limited recieved "ailments". These will be situations where you can't just go to the local Item's store and buy tons of antidotes and softs...these are going to be serious injuries. If someone get's "poisoned", then you'd better hurry your butt to a clinic as fast as your little clicker can make ya!

I think a lot of challenge in gameplay could be just trying to AVOID recieving ailments. I'm saying this because we could say that every ailment (there probably won't be TOO many) would have to be healed at some clinic, the only place with people with the skill to heal something to that extent.

This may upset a lot of people, and I'm sure many of you will disagree with me. Go ahead. I'm just saying this is probably the best idea with the way our game works already.

2002/12/07 08:31:02 PST by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2002/12/07 08:32:18 PST
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I'd rather not have ailments which basically equate to death. The characters are not always going to have the option of just leaving and going back to town. So, deadly ailments would just turn out to be an annoyance.

Status ailments should always either be temporary or healable with an item.

2002/12/07 12:06:02 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

Temp makes some good points about not always being able to turn around and head back to town. Things often get a little bit more complicated than that and in which case you need something to heal you then and there. Not then and WAY over there. So life threatening ailments could be repulsive towards a player; after the first time ut happened to them they may not want to touch the game again.

I think a few of the traditional RPG ailments would be fine, and even coming up with a few of our own would be great. After all how many people can say that there game has phidoplasmic error.....I don't know what that does yet but give me some time.

2002/12/10 10:05:27 PST by Clockwork Dragon [0/3]

::working up stats/etc as we speak:: I know for sure I'd like to see a balance between endurance/life points. Such as, a character can take blows up to a certain point, but after too many hits, the character gets a sort of "Critical Status", where they are either bleeding to death or their bones have been broken, immobilizing them until you can find some sort of way to heal them.

2002/12/13 11:08:13 PST by CheF [0/1]

Hmmm Several things, I feel.

Primarily, this is great. It's always interesting to have different ailments for different territories and such, and many of these are new. But they fail for two reasons.

1. Many of them share names with their cliched RPG counterparts (e.g. Poison, Blind, Berserk)
2. Many of them are very complicated, and though I see that we are apparently catering for the slightly more hardcore gamer, we should also look for the pick-up-and-play theories as well.

2002/12/22 23:41:37 PST by GM [0/1]
Awards: 1 from Dev

I agree with CheF in that they share names with other RPGs (I actually filled in the ones in Black Squalls's that weren't in FFT).

For now let's leave them as is and then make them relivent to the game world.

Berserk, should agument up str. and chance for a critical hit and such (some of the elements from AoE II's Berserker).

Now being "berserk" sorta means rage. So I don't think magic should be nulled. If a PC has enough points in whatever stat effects their special skills, that should probably be the default attack while berserk. If you were in a rage, wouldn't you start tossing fireballs?

Confuse is fine, although all specials and magic should be nulled unless signalled as not affected by confusion.

In both cases the player would have no control over the PC's actions.

I like the idea of stone and petrify. One thing to avoid is that the party is game is ze over if the entire party is turned to stone (ala FFT). I see petrify working over a long period of time (21-24 hours) and certain abilities are removec (if your right is turned to stone then you can't use a sword or such). Also, this can come into play if Stone is a bolt spell (you could wing someone and just petrify the arm).

Sleep is cool, although we should probably include a damage-amount dealy. I don't want to wake someone up with a full broadsword slash. Although you could just use common sense and disarm before you wake someone up :p.

Slow, great spell from FFT (although I learned to hate Time Mages beacuse of it). Should be AOE without a doubt.

Completly agree with Blind/Dark although dark should be an area of effect thing (unless we make it like an Orb of Night spell).

Everything else is good.

One last thing, Mana Burn. This just popped to mind, if a mana burn-based attack was timed right as a spell was cast the caster should probably take a decent health hit and collapse.

Which brings up the collapse idea...

2002/12/23 17:03:43 PST by Black Squall [0/5]
Awards: 1 from Dev

GM, long time ago we actually thought up a few ider's that I havn't seen brought back in here yet. You bringing up the colapse thing just reminded me of them. One of these was that we have a KO status and a death status. If any one character reaches the death status it's game over, just beuase of the theme that we have going on. This is alot like the game Dungeon Siege.

For those of you who havn't played it, your characters can fall into an unconceouse state at which point you lose control over them for a certain amount of time. They still have all of their items at this point but if the enemy continues attacking them or they continue to receive splash damage from attacks landing near them, they will eventually die and drop all items being carried. You can then choose to bring them back to life or leave them dead. When you have no characters left alive, it is game over.

Are there any currnet thoughts towards this type of gameplay that we discussed long long ago? I can't remember how long ago it was so it may predate most of our current active members and go all the way back to the FoI days at FFIXHQ.

I also think that with our kind of battle system, being RTS style (like Diablo not Star Craft RTS), just abandoning a character or letting them run around aimlessly may not work. Things like Petrify and Stone may not work in the way that most people know them to work. Status effects that imobolize a character should go away when the caster of a spell like that is KO'd or dead. With things like confuse and berzerk, the player would need to maintain control of the characters. Thus resulting with berzerk boosting strength and agility but proportionaly dropping defense. Confuse, the character wouldn't be able to distinguish good characters from bad characters allow the player to send them somewhere where there isn't any fighting.

Due to the lack of magic abilities in this world, many of the formentioned status ailments may not be present either. I think we should work some in but I don't think that we need an arsenal of them like the FF games have.

Clockwork, if you need any help writing up some of these effects just let me know. I'll get back to you and get a list of whatever you've done with those, and start on some other one's. Then we can submit them and let everyone else rip them to shreds till we have something that everyone is happy with or until it's final.

2002/12/27 16:37:01 PST by GM [0/1]
Edited at 2002/12/27 16:37:42 PST

Diablo was an RTS? In view it was, but it was RPG all the way.

Still, I like the idea of a KO and a Death status.

Now, if we'll include beserk I don't see why we must continue player control. If we have that, the player may try to induce beserk on a PC that is almost KO'ed to get the most out of them.

That = bad in my book.

2002/12/27 18:26:49 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

Diablo an RPG? Hardly! Diablo was a "hack and slash": some sort of combination of RPG and RTS, which misses the main points of both (crappy story, not much real strategy) but manages to be fun anyway.

2002/12/27 21:17:54 PST by GM [0/1]

Well I never saw it as an RTS, but I do agree that it was fun and a hack-n'-slash.

2002/12/27 22:36:54 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Death does not work at all. KO does (I'm stupid; KO = Knocked Out, right?). I had a suggestion about this a while ago, but if I remember, it was too tedious. I could come up with something else...but I'm going brain dead.

Anyway, that's not for this thread. We're talking about ailments. Alright I give in, we'll go with regular, common, every-day ailments and healing potions alongside them. Now we just need a list...ailments, causes, effects, and cures (and anything else, like period, etc.). Sound good?

2002/12/28 14:12:42 PST by GM [0/1]
Edited at 2002/12/28 14:13:01 PST

Well having no deaths would make sense in that we lack disposable characters (ala non-story characters from FFT).

The list sounds like a good idea.

2003/03/03 22:10:19 PST by Mister big [0/2]
Awards: 1 from Dev

I know that this is just another word for an already existing status ailment but... I think that drunk and waisted should be status ailments. I know this isn't an adult game but hear me out. Ok let's say I buy some beer at the local pub before (insert mission here) then I go to do my job. There are guards there. So I have a drink with the guards being weary from there alert they decide a good drink would be nice and do so without question. My other charecters wait until they get really drunk and then kill them. Because they were drunk they took much longer in responding to the oncoming enemys and there attack power was greatly decreased. Now we have kinda confirmed from that thing about that guy that sells an addictive substance that drugs do exist in this world. So we can either buy those or find some mushrooms in a forest. There would be helpful mushrooms that heal you. But there would also be others that are the equivalant of Magic shrooms in our world. By that I mean you get high. Also if they are named "Magic shrooms" in the game they could put you at risk by upping there MP rating allowing them to if they get un-high cast whatever kind of spells or special attacks they have. Now you would should have to use Rush to identify what kind of mushroom it is as not to accidentally up your enemys HP(LP whatever you call it) because from what I have read rush seems to be the closest thing besides Dell to a woodsman (maybe it could be dell but that's not up to me). The potency of the shrooms would be random. It could be so useless that a trained guard wouldn't even have a dazed look. But it could also be very potent and make the guy so out of it you can kill him before he knew what hit him.

2003/03/04 16:36:07 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

This is normally known as slow, I think. I'm against drugs and stuff in this game, don't want to glorify them. Same with swearing, sexual content, etc. Basically, I see this as a moral game...though the drunk thing IS kinda funny, I'd prefer to do it in some different way...but that's me.

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