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Does anybody have the collection of MIDIs from Fate of Io?
2002/12/11 12:00:51 PST by cmaff05 [0/5]

I was just curious if anybody had the big zip file of all the Fate of Io MIDI files. There used to be a big zip, I believe, until Fate of Io upgrade to v4.

Does anybody have it? If so, could you post it in the music submissions section of this site?

I may be interested in doing remixes, or improving songs.

Thanks in advance.

2002/12/11 16:04:19 PST by Siemova [0/24]
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I have absolutely no doubt that Alex has it somewhere up his sleeve. Look him up and ask him.

2002/12/12 18:12:16 PST by Alex [0/0]
Edited at 2002/12/14 16:38:49 PST

Yup, I do have it, and so does UnknownOne (AIM: SalistianTrublue), who has probably made many additions / renames / etc to it since then. (I also have the ratings data, but that's hardly worth mentioning.) If you can't get a hold of UO and want me to send you a ZIP of all FoI MIDI's I have, IM me (AIM: Phant019).

[color="brown"]EDIT: Archive Uploaded.[/color]

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