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2003/02/15 13:29:07 PST by Dev [manager]
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Section 1

  • Someone suggested that Brooke lead Ko to Daccha Vira for the purpose of asking directions. For one thing, I think she'd know the way home, generally. Also, it's probably standard practice for Proteans to lie low when on the surface. So I'm thinking Brooke and Ko are assaulted a little ways away from the city.

Section 2

  • We figured that Daccha Vira is something like a cross between North Corel (FF7) and Zozo (FF6).

  • When Ko freezes in battle, it was suggested there be flickering flashbacks of Kory and his mom, to parallel the same effects that could be used at the end of Part III when Ko turns on Tyrus.

  • Question: If a Protean morphs into, say, a cat or dog, can it communicate with other cats or dogs?

Section 3

  • Apparently, "Pomo" means "boss" in Finnish.

Section 4

  • Explanation: As long as he holds his breath, the altom powder won't affect Ko. His spray will momentarily counteract the effect long enough for Brooke to awaken, demorph Ko, and escape.

  • Paerda is actually female, which would be the reason for her being completely at the mercy of the party when they reveal her identity. She'd lose her business in Daccha Vira (which is male-dominated), so this gives Ko and Co. something to barter with.

2003/02/20 15:33:42 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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4-D-i: This sounds a lot like Chrono Trigger in the Blackbird. So we're gonna kinda have a vent system above the building with several ways down with a chance of being caught each time? Sounds good, not many other games did it like that.

6-B: I like this, I think we should focus on Ko more than normal during this part, maybe kinda have thoughts run through his head. This whole thing fits with him since he really is depressed enough to see nothing worth living, and while life's depressing moments keep coming back to him (including Brooke yelling at him while he risked himself to save her), he starts to see the Antareans as a sort of angelic escort coming to take him out of this earthly (or Io-ly) heck. Then Rush picks him up and brings him down, and things really start to go downhill in his mind and he enters serious non-talkative depression again. Good stuff.

I like Protectors as their name, btw, I think we should stick with it, though I'm still not sure about Petrolans. Didn't we have a thread about changing their name?

2003/02/21 22:17:46 PST by Black Squall [0/5]
Edited at 2003/02/21 22:19:19 PST

Yeah we did have a thread about changing there names. I know that I had the most favored suggestion....but I can't remember what we concluded. I'll dig that up and reactivate it while I'm still here tonight.

EDIT: Reactivate sounds so not right...I guess the word I was looking for was something to do with making it more noticable by adding/editing a post so people will notice it again in the list of active topics.

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