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Part 3 had room for development.
2003/03/03 19:43:26 PST by Mister big [0/2]

This may seem a little obvious but I kind of had an idea for that part. Ok There will be food and some undecided item there. But there will be two large voles in the process of eating the food and messing up the item. If you were to come there later you would be told that it appears two large voles have eaten the food and Dell will complain about whatever item he lost. There could be a battle but unless you make them unrealisticly large it wont do any good. Just so you know a vole is like a rat only different.

2003/03/03 19:58:29 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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...mah? I'm sorry, I'm not sure I'm following you here...

BTW, welcome! =)

2003/03/03 20:06:22 PST by Mister big [0/2]

Ok in about the middle of this it said something about the option to visit Dells cave or wherever he lives. It said after that open to development meaning they haven't decided what will happen there. I guess I didn't make that clear in my last post but that's what I was saying I think should happen there.

2003/03/03 21:39:01 PST by Dev [manager]
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Mystik, I think we're getting confused with Part III (which is a very large section of the FoI story) which, if I'm right, isn't what Mr. Big meant. So everyone knows the terminology, it goes like this: The Fate of Io story is made up of 25 chapters. The chapters are organized into four groups called parts (Parts I through IV). Within each chapter, there are a number of sections that denote discrete elements of the plot. I think Mr. Big is talking about Section 3 of Chapter 3 (in Part I). Just to make sure everyone's on the same page!

Don't worry, Mr. Big. You have an excuse not to know! ;D By the way, thanks for voicing up as soon as you arrive! Many others seem to have trouble doing that...

Anyway, your idea brings up a good point. Dell probably has lots of stuff, including food, that he's accumulated over years of living on the Titan Plains. Yet, when he meets Syne, he pretty much leaves it all behind. Other thoughts on an optional sidequest in this neck of the woods, per se?

2003/03/03 21:53:20 PST by Mister big [0/2]
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Yah that's exactly what I meat sorry. I actually do have an idea for a sidequest. At that point when you get there a special item could be missing. This item is just about the only thing that would make going there worth the trip. If you look closely you will see little footprints way too small to be a persons. You ask Dell about them and him having been there for so long knows exactly what animal makes prints like those or alternatively he could mention multiple animals and then you ask them about where each one would be and then search that place for the mssing item. He tells you his (the animal we won't actually get into gender but when you don't know somethings gender and it isn't obvious one way or the other you usually say he) name and mentions some kind of hint to where it might actually be. I was thinking it could be a racoon. While there would be many racoon holes in the general area only one actually has this item. To make for more replayability the exact hole would would be random. But there would be those prints fresh in the correct hole When you find the hole you only have to examine it to get the item. The only hard part would be deciding what this item actually is.

There are many possiblity's but it would probably be determined by what kind of stuff fascinates Dell. Or it could be the opposite. It could be alcohol which could be useful for luring guards. If it was that you would have to continually ask Dell about what is missing because he doesn't approve of the use of alcohol and only had it because he never took the liberty of removing it from his presence. When you ask him he would say something to the effect of oh just some bottle of some stuff that has a bad smell I tried it once but it taisted awful I feel bad for the animal that took this.

2003/03/04 16:56:43 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Yea, I figured it was something like that...anyways...

Well, I love sidequests, especially huge ones (I'd fall for a game with tons of huge sidequests)...I'm still against alcohol =)

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