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Weapon advancement
2003/05/26 16:58:12 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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How do we do this again? Do we buy/find weapons then equipt them? Do we find weapons and have the option to upgrade them to a set rule (ff8 style) or by pure customisation (ff10 style). Or do we have a base weapon at the beginning and then just upgrade consistantly throughout the game?

I have this archived forum page from ff9hq and it made me think about if we have actually got this sorted or not.

2003/05/27 13:38:45 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I'd think we'd buy new weapons (find them, win them, etc.). I remember a while back talking about having weapons and armor with random attributes and added stuff, like Diablo. I personally hated the idea, and still do. But of course, it's not my game.

2003/05/28 06:08:16 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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It's not really anybody's as such. The creators/owners of this project don't have total control fo what goes in. The contributors here are all game players, and we all make up what FoI is, and will be. All views are valid and if you do not like the Diablo style weapon system, say so. Neither do I. That makes it 2 - 0 against that system. See how it works?

2003/05/28 15:47:30 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I know. My point was: I don't have final decisions, so you other guys can overthrow my opinion if you want. And so far, I like the odds in this count =)

2003/12/09 20:25:29 PST by Reepime [0/0]

I'm a new recruit to the area. I personally think that we should take a Dungeons and Dragons aspect. In that matter, I think that we should be able to buy and find weapons. Also, we should be able to customize the weapons.
I think that the weapons that the characters use are changed by the abilities that they have. For example. My character has a skill of 2 in swords but a skill of 6 in axes. I would be better off using an axe, but i could also use a sword if I wanted to.
In terms of customizing, it might be an idea to have to speak to someone in order to customize the weapon (or other equipment as it goes). They charge the character for the work however, the character may be required to supply materials required. Kinda like Final Fantasy 8(I believe).

2003/12/10 09:17:51 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Relatively recently, we actually decided in a meeting to avoid numeric stats as much as possible in our gameplay mechanics. Since the game is primarily about puzzles rather than battle, numeric stats don't mean as much. Also, it's easier to design good puzzles if the player's exact abilities are well-defined, so it's best if we don't use a classical levelling scheme. Instead, the characters will, for the most part, gain new abilities at specific points in the plot. Along with this we decided that giving the player the ability to purchase items arbitrarily is probably not a great idea, because items could give the player additional abilities, and not buying the right items could reduce the player's abilities. So, we decided that if weapons or items are to be bought, it will be made part of the plot, such that the player has no choice but to buy the items we specify ahead of time.

I know this sounds awfully restrictive, and you might argue that reducing the player's choices will reduce the fun of the game. But, imagine for a moment the very large number of games that don't include any sort of experience system or inventory system at all and yet are still quite fun. Fate of Io is not meant to be a classic level-up RPG. In fact, the gameplay is much more similar to The Lost Vikings, which didn't have any RPG elements at all and was still a great game.

2004/04/05 15:10:05 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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But, like many good games and RPGs especially - we still need weapons and the having of a weapon change system to contriute to the ever-changing experience of the game. Game developers need to have a good look at how they can stop thier players getting bored.

(Somebody needed to tell the guys at THQ and Volition this when they were developing 'Summoner')

Creation and modifications based on character's ability levels

We won't be having statistical systems here, like before said. If this is the case then my idea of having an Ultima Online weapon system goes straight out the window, then.

Our characters cannot change thier weapon themselves or modify them because if we don't have stats then our characters can, effectively create the ultimate weapon from the very beginning. This is of course, if we choose to give our characters abilities that can affect thier talent in building better weapons.

If our characters couldn't improve thier weapons through the level of thier skills, then they would have to have whole new abilities to allow them to improve thier weapons instead. Instead of levelling, they recieve whole new, better abilities. If this would be the case, we would have potentially hundreds of abilities that our characters would recieve individually (thats hundreds multiplied by ... 7?)

Before we know it we have a list of abilities that would make D&D look like a penguin wrapper joke - PATHETIC. Our character would only need to twitch and they'd learn a new ability.

Therefore, the self-modification idea is definately out of the picture (unfortunately).

El Finito

Ladies and Gentlemen, I was planning on this post going into detail of all the pros and cons of weapon development systems I could think of. I only got as far as the first one. It is 11PM here and I should be getting on with college work. But, I'm tired. Not a good combo. I'm leaving the rest up to you guys...that is if Dev/Temp don't make the decision already.

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