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Rheya's weapon (type)
2003/06/27 08:38:40 PDT by Dev [manager]
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I thought it might be a good idea, while we're setting up and discussing all this new eumonetic stuff, to consider just what sort of weapon Rheya will be using in combat.

There's often been consideration to giving Rheya some sort of "magic staff" or even some sort of projectile "Techno-Wizard" device. There are some problems with that, though. If we give her a eumonetic device of some sort as a weapon, what happens if the party's eumonetic resources run out (and the player is unwilling to draw from the characters' HP)? Rheya would become practically worthless in combat, whereas our other eumonetics have normal "mundane" weapons to fall back on (Dell's tailblade and Brooke's epee or rapier or whatever). I suppose we could, however, say that her weapon device draws from a seperate source that Pylos keeps powered.

Any ideas? Anyone?

2003/06/27 09:35:21 PDT by Fang Xianfu [0/3]
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I always liked the idea of rings, fro the old forum. She can wear up to 10 of them (and end up looking like Mr T... oh well) and each one can be used to cast a different element - I'd suggest some sort of cantrip which is really just lobbing the energy at the enemy. Each one can use a/the cantrip of a different element.

The original idea was that this would produce spiffy combos. How that the system has been reworked, though, I'd suggest that the rings of the different elements do different things - earth gives status effects, for example. This way Rheya has a very versatile, not overly powerful weapon which scales up as the game progresses (and she finds and/or makes more) and still leaves her useful in combat when her spells (if she has them - the Eumonetics node seems to hint at it) aren't so useful or her eumonite is depleted.


2003/06/27 10:19:40 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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I haven't written up the node on eumonetic devices just yet. I wanted to make sure everyone is ok with the general eumonetics stuff first. It will basically be like the "techno-wizardry" stuff, though.

I don't see any problems with Rheya's weapons requiring energy to use. This only adds strategy, IMO. Rheya's weapons will probably be a bit more powerful than the others', but because of the energy limit the player will have to be more careful with them.

If the player runs out, it's not the end of the world. Most of our battles will be avoidable, and there won't be very many of them. Rheya's other skills will remain useful for puzzles.

I suppose we could give her a simple dagger as a back-up, or something to that effect.

Sorry, Fang, but I don't much like the ring idea. First of all, it doesn't solve Dev's problem, since the rings would have to use eumonetic energy to produce their effects. And then there's the "Mr. T" thing... yeah, I don't think that would look right on Rheya. :P

2003/06/27 10:40:28 PDT by Dev [manager]
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A quick interjection: We would want to consider, if we go the eumonetic device route, what the difference will be between what her weapon can do and what Rheya would be able to cast on her own anyway. It seems to me that those two things would be redundant. Though maybe, Temp, you had something a little more specific in mind for eumonetic devices (and were going to mention in that thread)? ::shrug::

2003/06/27 12:02:03 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Hmm... well, spells (err... "techniques") take time to recite... perhaps devices allow for more rapid-fire effects. Or, more efficiency... I'll think about it.

2003/06/27 16:11:34 PDT by nixxin [0/33]

what if she has spells that power her weapons?! that'd be cool. ok..that is all...haha

2003/06/27 16:23:03 PDT by Siemova [0/24]
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Perhaps ED's allow the use of eumonetic power without the normal physical repercussions (i.e., without depleting HP)? As a downside, their power would be limited by their built-in power source, and their use would be limited to whatever each device was designed for.

In this case, Rheya's weapon could be a simple hand-held device containing a fragment of ore. She could find and use different attachments designed for various tasks, ranging from energy-based attacks to things which might prove helpful for solving puzzles.

2003/06/27 22:06:05 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I was thinking that EDs would be kinda like Eumonite, but more channel-like. I'm thinking that the EDs would allow for specific spells through the device itself, but the spells (and amount of eumon, haven't checked to see if it's called that yet) will be dependent on the device. The device could either be in use (using up energy already inside and taking some of the energy and using that instead of characters using HP; hey, their advanced technology, they should be able to handle that), or be sitting there charging up and getting more energy from around them to use later. So it's like each ED has specific attacks/moves (using eumonetic stuff), and has it's own MP in a sense. Get my drift?

Honestly, I REALLY don't like the ring idea. I like every character wearing a ring or two just to boost stats or give bonuses...but just like an accesory, nothing more.

2003/06/27 23:36:14 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Eumonetic devices are normally powered by eumonite. Once the eumonite is depleted, it stops working. Of course, eumoneticists like Rheya can recharge the eumonite from their HP if they need to.

The devices are like automated spell casters. They are engraved with one particular spell which is all they can cast. Many devices also include a mechanical component which harnesses the power of the spell in some way. For example, a eumonetic gun would probably cast the spell "accellerate bullet forward mach 1" to fire a bullet, while using a simple mechanical loading mechanism. A flying device might include a big old parachute, and use the spell "create upward wind".

2003/06/27 23:45:19 PDT by Siemova [0/24]
Edited at 2003/06/27 23:50:43 PDT
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Where I agree:
ED's could be limited by the maximum amount of emonetic energy they're able to store; each use of the device would drain from this energy instead of the user's. This is exactly what I was thinking. And perhaps, like you said, they'd slowly recharge by collecting energy from their environment, since eumonetic energy is apparently everywhere. EDIT: I see that Temp disagrees with this idea. :P Guess we'll have to wait and see what everyone else thinks.

Where I disagree:
Basically, if I understand right, you're saying to have ED's channel eumonetic commands (spells) from the user. I'm saying, rather, to have ED's "cast" their own "spells", completely unrelated to the user.

I do have a good reason for this. Unless things have drastically changed, I believe that Pylos is in the business of making ED's for common use (at least to front and fund Kydran's real business). If ED's channeled a user's own energy, they couldn't be used by the public at large, and there'd be no legitimate economic reason for Pylos to exist, much less to have gained the power and influence it wields. Plus we wouldn't have any eumonite-powered vehicles, weaponry, etc. - or, at the least, they'd be very rare.

2003/06/27 23:54:50 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Well Temp, I still think the EDs should act like eumonite in the sense that they store and channel their own energy...but that's what I think.

Siemova, I was pretty much saying that the ED has it's own spells it can cast and uses the energy stored in it to cast it, not drawing anything from the user (besides the breath that forms the words to cast the spell ;) ).

I guess the best way for me to describe how I see EDs is: eumonite that has a certain storing quota and certain spells it can cast (techniques it can perform, whatever we decide); if left alone, it will draw energy (hopefully to be called eumon...let's see) from surrounding enviornments to recharge itself. So, EDs are eumonite magicians, pretty much, with "MP" and all and the ability to restore the "MP" automatically at a steady rate (restoring of energy would cease when player is looking at it and deciding what it should do, so when the player is faced with a situation where it needs to cast a spell right then, they are left with whatever has been stored, making it more realistic...that make sense?). Am I confusing you guys? Or are you just disagreeing with me?

BTW, we need to decide where eumonite and EDs are gonna get their "eumonetic energy" (in my words, eumon): surrounding people, trees, animals, grass, air...what. In fact, I'll start a thread on that now.

2003/06/28 06:16:47 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

hmn... I liked the idea that it took spells to power her devices and that her devices were rapid fire. So maybe at the first of battle, her first few turns could be used to cast spells on her devices? Then they were rapid fire after that?

2003/06/28 09:29:13 PDT by Dev [manager]
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The main thing about eumonetic devices (EDs, as we're saying ... and I hope Endless Dream would be happy ;D) is that they need no directions or prompting as to what eumonetic action to perform. That's all hard-wired in with some sort of ADML-substitute (and I'll write more on that later). They have one, in a few cases maybe two, functions and that's all they do, as Temp was saying.

If this is what we give Rheya, I propose that it be basically just like casting a spell ("spell"?), except that her device is very limited. The downside is she can only program it to cast a handfull of lower-level spells, and it eats up energy from the party's eumonite just like any other eumonetic action. The upside is that the device is rapid-fire, casting this one low-level spell quickly in succession (which would be impossible for a caster who has to speak out the relatively long ADML--or is it "ADEL" now?--phrase); also, the device is designed to waste practically no energy, so it only sucks up a percentage of what it would were Rheya to cast it herself.

At least, that's how I'd want to implement it.

2003/06/28 13:13:43 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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It is VERY IMPORTANT that it be possible for ED's to be used by regular old people. Pylos' business is selling ED's to normal people, most of whom have never heard the word "eumonetic".

ED's are powered by energy stored in eumonite. Eumonite is like a magic battery. Pylos sells these batteries along with the devices. Once a eumonetic battery is depleted, unless you are a eumoneticist, it's done with. It doesn't recharge on its own. However, Pylos will offer to exchange your used battery for a new one at a reduced cost. Pylos will then take the used battery back to their headquarters, recharge it, and sell it again.

2003/07/01 20:29:40 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Ok, so the EDs use eumonetic batteries which can only be recharged by Pylos (unless you're, say, our heros? What about that?)...I'd think it'd be a real pain if Rheya could only use a weapon a certain amount of times before needing to buy replacements for the battery...that would get monotonous and expensive...I'd think they could recharge the batteries by themselves, seeing as they do it all the time with their own eumonite.

And I think temp's pretty solid on calling them "techs" now, Dev. And what does ADML (or ADEL) stand for, again?

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