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Divine Divinity
2002/12/27 21:24:03 PST by GM [0/1]
Edited at 2002/12/27 21:24:54 PST

Well after Temporal's post about Diablo II it got me thinking of it's recent (and rather good) clone Divine Divinty.

Sure it has a horrible name, and the hype of... well nothing.

Have any of you played it, if so is it worth it? I've only played the demo and don't know if I should shell out the 40 bucks for it.

For those needing info and such:
GameSpy.com Review - http://www.gamespy.com/reviews/october02/divinedivinity/
Demo - http://www.fileplanet.com/files/80000/87654.shtml

2002/12/29 22:32:15 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

I've heard that it is really good, and I have read some pretty possitive reaviews of it but I havn't played it yet myself.

2002/12/29 22:45:49 PST by 3Der [0/7]

I havent played it but it looks good to me. Hack and slash games are always fun, and if it gives you 200 hrs of gameplay its probably worth 40 bucks. Its just too bad I dont have the time to play games anymore

2003/01/04 13:27:36 PST by CheF [0/1]

It's good but, as you say, it is a clone, and however much it tries to excel Diablo II its unlikely to take its place in your heart. Why not hole out for Icewind Dale and the like - the thinking man's RPG. Literally.

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