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People who register and never post
2003/02/23 00:37:28 PST by DestinusEngel [0/0]

i think there's some little innocent reason for not posting. like feeling shy, or being busy, or having nothing to say. heh, for me, my reason will be being busy!! for 10 of these 12 months i'll be up to my neck in school work, and then for 8 months next year. but hopefully i'll be able to post a little more often than never!! hehe.

2003/02/23 17:13:23 PST by Morpheus [0/5]

well don't feel pressured, I hope no one does, but even a quick introduction of yourself to the group will get you noticed :) Hello, I'm Morpheus.

2003/02/28 16:05:56 PST by RealDeal [0/0]

I've been registered on this site since November but have only been active for 3 days.

There are many reasons for this which I won't go into now.

Don't do anything to the memebers. A lot of them are probably like me and have just "taken a break" for a while perhaps.

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