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Asta la Vista Garnet...*sniff*
2003/03/21 22:26:02 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Yea yea, I haven't changed my avatar since over a year ago...so what? I haven't played FF9 since some jerk stole it, and I haven't been able to play Garnet for a long time (aka I haven't seen any movies of her), so my love for her has started to give in to my love for my favorite band Third Eye Blind (3eb, who have a new single out which you should ALL d/l @ http://www.stephanjenkins.com)

I'd like to know why my .gif is pretty fuzzy...

2003/03/22 00:47:58 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Ah new stuff from them. I was wondering why the djs had suddenly decided to put some of their old stuff back into rotation. (my way anyway)

I change my avatar whenever I come up with a new idea I feel is cool enough to share. Like my previous one for example. Technotic Nirvana is a song I am at this point, unable to finish because I lost the recordings of all the weird blips and squelches that made it interesting. (an MS2000 in full on self resonance is a strange beast indeed)

My current one reflects a song I wrote. "Dragon (beneath the sun). The first verse is in my sig more or less I think I changed it around a little bit. No music for that one yet, but ideas are flowing. But yeah. I found the MK dragon in a size that I was able to shrink down to 64x64 and draw the title onto. I have a few other dragon pics I might change to later. Variety is good. I can't stand the idea of having the same avatar for too many months. On the other hand, I've had the same screen name for close to 5 years. Aetrus has been around since my AOL days. I stopped using that after 5.0 hijacked my system leaving it crawling for months until I could afford a cd burner to back up my stuff. I HATE AOL for writing a program that would do that and then making me pay for it. grrr... Aetrus20 is an offshoot of that because I couldn't register Aetrus with AIM since it was used already in AOL. Aetrus 2.0 = Aetrus20. I have the other Aetrus account, but no one knows I that one anymore. I've had 3 sns before aetrus: Phirejock, darkmyrdin, and hotsouce mispelled on purpose. Geez 4 am and I am far away from Mystik's sad farewell to his Garnet avatar...gotta get sleep. I've been retro gaming ala Quake too long. I'm d/l Qake II off Kazaa now. Will be done in aproximately : 12.5 hours. Ah the joys of dialup.

2003/03/22 15:55:41 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Mystik, your avatar is fuzzy because it is the wrong size. It is 48x48, but v4 requires all avatars to be 64x64, so it tells the browser to resize the image, which looks bad. (Photoshop or some other image editing program could probably do a much better job of resizing.)

I would like to ask, though, that you don't use an animated avatar. Personally, I find it EXTREMELY annoying when anything on a page I am trying to read moves. Sure, I can just click the stop button, but... still...

2003/03/22 16:27:14 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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K, I'll leave Garnet up there till I get a different 3eb pic sized right (and not a .gif)

2003/03/22 21:52:44 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Hey, those caves on your web page look cool! Where is that? where you from?

2003/03/22 23:09:08 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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...you explored my page? Whoa...weird...no one checks out my page, not even my friends >_<. Those are nutty putty caves in Orem, Utah. They're reason enough to visit utah, they're tons of fun.

2003/03/23 04:42:25 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Yeah, those caves do look like fun! I wish there was something like that around where i live...nothing here but skyscrapers and blinking lights...>_<

2003/03/23 09:17:52 PST by jewelss160 [0/0]

I only have animated gifs...so, I'm afraid, you're gonna have to deal...sorry!

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