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Damned Googlebot!
2003/06/09 00:19:46 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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About 45 minutes ago Googlebot started making hundreds of requests to v4.jsp with incorrect query strings. It appears as if it is trying to generate its own query strings by mixing-and-matching stuff it finds in other ones. Of course, this means I started getting a huge stream of error e-mails. I had to change the code so that incorrect queries don't cause e-mails to be sent. Grrr. Why is Googlebot doing this!?

If someone put up a web site somewhere with tons of invalid links to Fate of Io... I hope you're proud of yourself.

2003/06/09 03:52:00 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

lol, sorry but you'll look back on this in a week or two and laugh as well. And if someone did make a webpage back in say August, chances are all their links will be wrong, so that could be a problem for you.

2003/06/21 10:55:53 PDT by Alex [0/0]

Duh. And what if someone runs Nikto, AppScan, or a more powerful Penetration Testing tool on FateOfIo.org? (Just to see in how many different ways this domain can get 0\/\/n3d.) The error reporting itself might DoS it.

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