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2003/09/02 15:04:25 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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For the pure purpose of having SOMETHING to talk about in the slow silence we're surrounded with on this project, I'll tell ya what's been happening in my life (since it's actually been eventful). My family has moved to NJ (from here in Utah), leaving me alone with an old couple from my church. I miss my parents alot, and haven't been able to contact them in a couple days, but everything has been working out for them last I heard. My dad's going back to college to get his masters finaly, and maybe work there too. My mom lost her job here, so she couldn't afford to live here anymore...hopefully she'll find a job out there quick...and hopefully they'll settle there for now instead of picking up and leaving again so quick. Really sux to move alot, you know.

So...yea, that's what's happened for me. I'm pretty much alone now, and it's good a bad...oh well. Hopefully life will work out. So far it is.

2003/09/03 13:13:34 PDT by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2003/09/03 13:14:37 PDT
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Do you live anywhere near Lindon, Utah? If so, you need to go over to the office of a certain company called "SCO" and kick everyone you encounter there in the nuts. (Erm... for those that don't have nuts... be creative.)

Yeah, it's been quiet around here. In order to break the quiet, someone has to step in and lead us somewhere. Unfortunately I have too many things going on right now, and it would seem Dev does, too. Dunno what to do about that.

2003/09/03 17:45:29 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I live on the Orem/Lindon border pretty much. And I'd do what you say, except I go by the belief that when one guy gets kicked in the nuts, every guy can feel it...and I don't hurt girls. I wouldn't mind working out a stink bomb or TPing or something wussy in comparison but still not so nice.

I'd try to help, but I'm totally overwhelmed, with 3 ap classes, a musical, two choirs, work, and a few clubs...yea, I'm swamped. Sorry folks.

2003/09/03 22:48:21 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Yeah, you have a point... kicking a guy in the nuts -- even an evil guy -- is rather shady. On the other hand, making absurd claims that Linux stole code from you, but refusing to say which code exactly, then ordering every Linux user to pay you $699 and suing them if they don't... that's sorta shady too.

Eh, I'll be satisfied when Darl McBride and the other SCO execs get charged with fraud, extortion, and insider trading, and get their asses thrown in federal "[you-know-what]" prison. hehehe...

2003/09/20 13:38:21 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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Somebody to step in and take lead?


2003/10/27 13:58:38 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

To help mystik3eb break the silence I live Cleveland, Tennessee and am a learning drummer who has been playing drums for almost a year. I am still in high school and it is really boring. But I do have two computer classes there(Web Page Design and PC Repair). Holla back

2003/10/28 09:36:03 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Sweet, I'm a guitarist (mostly)/bassist/drummer looking for a band, lol. I can sing, too. Too bad you don't live near me, I need two more guys badly. Nice to hear from you.

2003/10/28 14:32:18 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

Yeah, that is too bad. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway because I only drum to christian music(no offense if you're christian). Plus, I'm currently in a band.

2003/10/28 16:16:44 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Drummer? heh...I use drum machines! No need for a drummer! HAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!!!

Well to clarify. I make electronic music so no drummer would want to kick and hihat at 140 bpm with an ocasional snare on every second beat. :)That's a Trance/dance beat if you were wondering. The other one I use a lot is a drum n bass/breakbeat style which includes INSANE amounts of snare and heavy kick at totally unplayable speed and sequencing. (that's half the point) So no offense. I like Christian music, but to be an all-rounder I suggest studying the work of Lars Ulrich and other rock/drummers drummers. Led Zepellin is another good one. You don't have to like, or agree with anything they're saying to pcik up their technique which is very worth it. Try playing jazz triplets with syncopation. Don't limit yourself like I did. I write Trance primarily at 140 bpm (sometimes 160) and only do it in the European style. Of course I think that style RULEZ ALL! But I'll have a hard time breaking into the American Dance scene that way. I think the American Dance scene sucks, but I also see it as my calling to bring the Trance home. Techno, and it's progenic genres like Trance, originated in DETROIT!!!!

Oh and in case my closet fan club is still active I DO FINALLY have something worth working on. When I finish a satisfactory demo I'll upload it somehwere. It's exciting to finally be back in the writing saddle! No title yet. PvD (Paul van Dyk) stole my title about 10 years ago lol. I wanted to call it "For an Angel" but one of PvD's best works is called that.

2003/10/29 06:22:31 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

Dude, electronic drums is cheating. It makes everything to easy.

2003/10/29 15:14:17 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Techno is awesome, I plan on making techno stuff right along with rock and everything else I plan to write. Techno is music of the soul.

2003/10/29 15:52:48 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Your missing the point Ex, the drums are machined because that is part of the Techno philosophy. Man and machine striving towards a perfect harmony. Most techno beats would be very boring for a drummer all the same. If I were making rock music then a drum machine would sound really bad since that human vibe is part of what makes it good. In this case it's that perfect sterile machine vibe that is what I'm going for. I know what you mean though

Mystik, Techno is actually more often described as music for the mind rather than the soul, but GOOD Trance is indeed music for the soul. Good being the operative word since BAD trance, which is all too common, is more mind(less) then anything esle.

"The Heart of the Machine is evolving, the Soul has emerged, and all who embrace it will reach Teknotic Nirvana." ~ Nos Tehbi Book of the Teknos. (it's like technology froma Budhist point of view...only not :p) I don't buy that philosophy, but it does lend itself to making good music. Its more of a mindset then the basis for a worldview.

2003/10/30 09:59:21 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Machine beats are also much more capable of vast worlds of beats regular drums CAN'T accomplish (unless you record A LOT of layers, have fun!) I personally love beat boxing. To every man his own; I love all three.

Techno/trance is for both. Music is everything, what can I say? Well, that's a lie, but it's CLOSE to everything, ain't it?

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