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2003/10/27 13:39:00 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

Temporal, I don't think it's very fair you block the whole school from this site just because an idiot(slipT5) stirred up trouble. I know him and he has changed. He even quit cussing.

2003/10/27 14:04:53 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

Quote from Slip via e-mail as of this morning:

"me and my friends were having some fun. and the site sucked anyways. aint like youll ever finish the game"

Changed, has he? Hardly.

If you are unhappy with your school being blocked, you can tell Slip about it. If I unblock you school, I have little doubt that Slip will return and start defacing our site again. Therefore, it will remain blocked.

2003/10/27 14:08:30 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

He didn't tell me about that email. I guess you're right he hasn't changed. Oh yeah, if you think I'm one of those friends you're sort of wrong. I am his friend but I wasn't one of the friends he was talking about.

2003/10/28 12:50:33 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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Drummer, you obviously can post here away from school so what's the problem? Most of us, me included, can't access the site from school/college/uni because of b*stard firewalls (AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH!!!)

I'd like to know what happened anyway...

And yes, we will finish this game! I don't know if any older members remember, but I made a promise to the project that I would do my best to make this project succeed, and by God, personal will power and everything else in between, this project WILL SUCCEED!

Yes. Damnit.

2003/10/28 13:07:24 PST by FattyMatty [0/0]

Sorry. I'm not getting involved in this. I'm just seeing if my username will post messages now. Obviously it will but it's just a tester.

Temporal, if you see this so far this is the only place that it would let me post so I will try again later.

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