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A few things to be said...
2004/01/16 08:35:40 PST by BadBob [0/10]

I've only recently become involved in this project, but it seems to me that there is already a great deal of good material available for it. It also seems to me that recently efforts involving the project have slowed compared to times in the past. It would be a great shame to see this material go to waste and I just felt obligated to see if there were any other ways in which I could assist. I've been dropping the occasional musical contribution, but I have a fair amount of time and energy which I could deticate to the project given useful channels. None the less, I suppose I'm just making a vague attempt at an inquiry, what is the general state of things these days?

2004/01/16 11:48:21 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Well, a month or two ago Dev and I were doing weekly meetings, but after about five meetings in a row in which no one was there except Kass, Dev, and myself, we gave up. We both have lots of other work we have to do, so I guess we just let Fate of Io hybernate for awhile. It happens from time to time.

It sounds like it might be a good time to start things up again. The thing about me is that I have a hard time doing anything until I've been pushed over a certain level of inspiration, at which point I'll suddently start working like crazy. I'm not really feeling inspired yet. 'course, I don't know why it's always me that has to do the work, rather than Dev. :P

2004/01/16 15:07:21 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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lol. I'm sure I'm at fault, as well. Since my folks moved, I haven't had internet access (easy access, at least) for months. But now I have to go to a friend's to make up classes online, so I have an excuse all the time to be on. I can probably participate in these meetings when they start up again. In fact, I'd love to...I'm just not sure I could do it on the weekends.

2004/01/16 21:07:27 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

My life got interesting a while back and I actually left for a good bit. (yes I DID resign as Music Advisor. That title can go at any time :p) Sad really but I just didn't have time despite being a senior member for so long. I've got time now, but as Temp says I am not terribly inspired. When I feel mad inspiration I work like a crezzy man, but that's been lacking lately...

It'll pick up. It always does. This thing seems to go in cycles. Like the phases of the moon or something. :)

2004/01/16 23:29:46 PST by Dev [manager]
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It's funny how it isn't really free time that dictates a person's involvement with the project; it's being inspired by the work of others, as Temp and y'all have said. FoI tends to grow in spurts, whenever progress is being mutually reinforced by contributors. It's good to see a new wave coming in, rather strongly, from the music department (and I'll hafta go take a look at those new subs after this).

And I'm not sure what you're talking about Temp. Who's the one who's been updating story nodes and making a new worldmap? Ah huh. Ya loon.

2004/01/17 06:25:20 PST by Morpheus [0/5]

I guess I can be as much to blame as well for lack of contributing. I do check here about once a day, but I really don't get in the mood to contribute unless I see someone else doing some really cool things. So it looks like we all need some sort of inspiration. I was inspired by our recent submissions of music, they were all really good (but I'm not a good music critic).

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