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who is a finalfantasy freak/lover
2004/07/12 16:52:43 PDT by kite903 [0/0]

anyone out there

2004/07/13 03:56:01 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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A lot of people here are FF freaks. If I may suggest, though... This "General Discussion" section is meant for Fate of Io contributors to discuss non-Fate of Io topics. If you aren't interested in Fate of Io and just want to talk FF, there are a lot of other forums around the internet created for just that purpose.

2004/07/22 16:48:28 PDT by ffshady [0/0]

final fantasy 4 eva dude

2005/06/03 18:54:45 PDT by braynstorm [0/9]


2005/09/16 16:51:34 PDT by General Squall [0/0]

FF8 for me... Hence the name "Squall"

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