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2004/08/12 07:43:40 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I'm a music guy, really. I play several instruments and sing all the time. I've written songs. I wrote a song with a friend who wrote lyrics, and the song became the prom theme song at my high school last year. We performed it live at prom and recorded it ourselves.

I also recently made a Chrono Trigger remix, intended for submission to OCRemix (yea yea, following in the footsteps of our multi-talented PM, who made a great Dark Cloud song, btw).

These songs are both available for d/l at my website here at the bottom of the page. Feedback is much, much appreciated.

2004/08/20 08:09:49 PDT by Scanman [0/0]


Totally kidding dude. its awsome.

2004/08/20 18:16:01 PDT by Bennettt2 [0/27]

hey man, they're really good. You suprised me. I guess you understand your music pretty well then :D It's good to hear great talent from this FOI project!

2004/09/06 11:47:40 PDT by slipt5 [0/0]

this song sux no joke

2004/09/06 20:39:53 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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... Right, then. Back to the banned list with ye.

2004/10/14 09:33:11 PDT by Zelgadis [0/0]

Those sound pretty cool, nice job

2004/11/29 04:30:03 PST by General Squall [0/0]

MAn I so wish that I could hear it Ibet its really good. but unluckily im on at school right now so Ill have to wait till I get my comoputer back at home which unfortunately will not be until chrstmas break how fun for me.......... but seriously that was funny I was reading the post and I read the guy who said man that song sux and I looked right allitle and it said BANNED so I was like hahahaha and then I read the next post and it was even funnier because he was like ok Back to the banned list with ye lol.... oh yes... if anyone of you guys would like to see a funny video's making fun of the matrix go to.. http://www.newsandentertainment.com/zfmatrixhasyou.html there its really funny sorry to spam I jsut wanted to say it....

2004/11/29 06:51:12 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Man, I wish this were v5 so we could punish stupid posts. Soon, soon...

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