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Contributors wanted for open source CMS
2004/08/29 10:43:07 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
Edited at 2004/08/29 10:59:28 PDT
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Hey guys! Remember me?

I have been learning many things during my span of inactivity including PHP/MySQL.

In order to help myself (and others) to move forward in learning, I have been turning over a few ideas on the barbeque of creativity.

I plan to develop (another) Content Management System! Now, before you all spurn my request here, remember that although there are many CMSs already out there but this is OpenSource and purely for people's learning.

Open source means the application will be free to use and the staff will work on volunteer basis.

I would like to try developing a simple CMS at first. Firstly will be to serve a basic news section of a site, then onto bigger things such as 'My mood' kind of feature. My target audience is bloggers.

I want to write my CMS centered on the startup and maintenance of a blog. Fully automated. Not a damn scrap of HTML knowledge needed whatsoever.

Ultimately I would like to incorporate adding and viewing content remotely from WAP and PalmOS.

The Adding part of the above statement is most important though. I understand the audience for WAP sites is very VERY sparse.

So, as I write this unstructured request for helpers from the top of my head, I wonder what you guys can do for me =]

I am looking for people that can do the following in any combination at most levels of expertese (remember what I said about the sub-goal of this project is to help everyone learn by doing?)

* PHP coders
* CG artists
* CSS art junkies
* HTML coders
* Website designers
* WML coders
* SQL nuts

Plus any others I may seem to have left out. When things get moved a bit with a few staff I could finda home for a brainstorming forum. For now we'll have to rely on MSN/AIM. That suits me, though.

You can work at your own pace - preferably relatively quick =]

I am not trying to take your members away - this is a project for coders on the most part. However, my biggest need is for a CG artist to create me an eye candy interface.

The creativity for now will take place, as described above in AIM/MSN chat rooms. Preferably a joint chat. If things look up I could get forum space somewhere for a proper home and base of operations.

What will you get in return? Well how good will the project look on your resume? You can point your website to it and say that you did x, y and z in the project and can ask me for references =] it can help your career!!

To get involved - please either send me an email or reply in this topic. Replying is most preferred with a means of further communication.

EDIT: Oh yeah and I forgot to mention. I'm also thinking about doing an e-commerce CMS as blog are kind of going out of rage and the need isn't so great any more. Same functionality as blogCMS, tho!

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