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omg... its been so long
2005/07/23 00:21:29 PDT by Cai [0/0]

I remember when this was still called final fantasy: fate of io. and all there was to the plot was the first bombing scene and a bit after that... I completely forgot about this... wow, the nostalgia. i dont even remember my old username. BUt anyways, hello everybody!

2005/07/23 02:26:54 PDT by Dev [manager]
[Dev's avatar]

Well let me be the first to welcome you back. I can't say I remember you, but I guarantee you won't need your old username. Not for this, anyway. Which is obvious...

Moving on, I'll take the opportunity to say that FoI's current need (as has been its perennial need since its inception) is more sharp minds. We've always tried to push for more story people, or illustrators, or musicians, but really right now what we need are people to work on the actual game part of the game. Anyone capable of making intelligent comments will probably fit the bill, so let your friends know.

And hey, maybe I'll even see ya at the meeting in ... ::checks watch:: ... ten and a half hours.

2005/07/24 20:50:28 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

these meetings are great for those who have time. I'm never free until like 11pm EST! :(

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