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Poster for college
2003/09/22 13:16:48 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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We have bloody loads of new freshers this year in college. More then the last 2 years...so I think I'm gonna take advantage of the situation =)

I'm just posting this to let you guys know about what I'm gonna do and if you might possibly have any objections or any comments such as what I MUST include and what I MUST NOT include and etc etc.

It will be in greyscale (Crappy colllege photocopyers and printers are all black ink)

2003/09/22 16:25:44 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Huh? Are you saying that you're going to put up posters for Fate of Io? Your post seems to avoid explicitly saying what you're talking about. :P

I would have to say, though, that I am not at all comfortable with the idea of putting up posters. I think it would give people the wrong impression. This also isn't the right time to do it, if you're going to do it. I think the right time to really go out and look for people will be when we get to the choreography stage of the project, at which point there will be many more little jobs for people to do. If we get a whole lot of people now, most of them will probably get bored and leave because there aren't enough little tasks to give to everyone.

2003/09/24 10:12:54 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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Yeah I was on about producing posters to copy and pplace up on notice boards at my college.

But....point taken. How about a WANTED sign for artists amd music composers??

There's a course here for TV multimedia (or sumthing) and they do short movies and stuff like that. Later on...can any of them be of some help to the project? I spose the most obvious thing to me right now woujld be if they had any decent sound recording equipment we could make quite a few SFX for the project..?

2003/09/24 15:49:03 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Perhaps we can look into those things later, when they become more important. At the moment I just don't think it's a good idea.

2003/09/24 18:35:14 PDT by Dev [manager]
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I tend to agree with Temp. I'd like to optimistically assume that your measures would bring in many more people, and if they do, there are much more strategic points in our long term plan for that than right now.

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