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2003/10/23 17:42:41 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

Yes, simplicity is nice, and is quite well incorporated into the design, and I just noticed the website on the bottom left hand corner, no need to rubbish more things into it. Still, and always will be, very nice.

2003/10/24 00:12:21 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

Why not have multiple designs? If its not too much of a bother. One for the simple (minded?) and one for the complex. I like the simple one myself. lol

2003/10/24 04:32:26 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
[Davy boy2000b's avatar]

Well Davy hasn't come up with a good idea like that in a long time, ay? =P

2004/07/26 05:11:14 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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So what happened to the Fate of Io Cafepress store?

2004/08/10 15:26:32 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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That's a good question. I don't think Temp ever explained any of the details about how he got that mousepad, or how we could get that stuff. I like the idea alot, the more I think about it. Even though I don't need a mousepad with my new laptop, a shirt would still be cool.

And I'd like to second Aetrus' querey: what about different designs? Would it be a hassle to have three or four different kinds available?

I can understand a desire to wait for this idea until after the revamp-plan is complete. Heck, maybe having our own link to the store as part of this update could be a possibility. Whatever Dev and Temp decide.

Well, I'm sure in a mode, going through old threads to interesting things I'd totally forgotten about...inactivity can do that to a person, I guess.

2004/08/10 19:05:16 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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The links up the top

the game
the project
charter join

should include in new site revamp 'the shop' to let people purchase things to show folloewship and to help contribute with the odd dollar here n there for the items.

2004/08/11 11:05:01 PDT by Dev [manager]
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The store does exist and, as you suspect Mystik, I'd rather wait until we "relaunch" (or whatever you want to call it), which will have the added effect of giving me more time to add merchandise.

And don't forget my condition on merchandise: not for profit. The store won't sell items beyond Cafepress' base price, and since we won't have money to run a premium store, multiple designs will only come with multiple stores (...I can see it now... the Syne Store... the NPC Store...). Anyway, I think just having one to start with is just fine. If, after that, people really want more, we can do more.

2005/10/15 07:25:57 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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So, is there a store or did that go redundant with the project?

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