Fate of Io
Minor v4 update
2003/10/28 16:28:20 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Added the following features/fixes:

  • Finally gave in and decided to not automatically log someone out if their IP address changes. It seems that a number of ISP's cause this to happen automatically. In particular, SlipT5 had lots of problems with this one when he accessed the site from school, and FattyMatty reported a similar problem today. Although the solution means making the site a little less secure, it would still take some impressive hacking skills to hijack someone's session.

  • Added banning at the v4 level. Previously, to ban people I simply had my friend configure his firewall to ignore any network packets coming from their IP. Thus, to those people it appeared as if the site no longer existed. However, the server is now on my network and my current firewall doesn't have such features. So, I have now modified v4 itself such that banned users can still log in and read stuff, but cannot post nor register new users. If they try to do either, they will receive a descriptive error message.

I only took the time to do these because they were both of critical importance. The former one was preventing certain people from using the site. The latter has proven itself to be necessary in the last week. Sadly, it seems that there are those who think it is fun to deface our site, and thus such defenses are necessary.

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