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2006/05/02 07:34:24 PDT by spiff [0/0]

this project is too good to die.

2006/05/02 22:12:15 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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If you want to see it happen, then start working!

What's that? It's too big, and you don't have enough time nor the necessary range of talent to do it yourself?

Well, now you know why it's dead. :/

2006/05/06 11:37:41 PDT by 3Der [0/7]

it may not be my place to say this, but...i think that saying its dead, is scaring off newcomers. If you say its dead then it will die for sure. when this project first started, there was alot of activity. but then came the possibility that it might not be complete for a very long time. this should not have been mentioned because it killed somewhat the hope for this project. because of that ,i think many people started getting bored of this.... I agree that this project is dying, but maybe a false hope will be the key to bring it back up running again.

2006/05/07 01:08:13 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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The project is dead. When I say this, I have every intent to scare off newcomers, because I do not want people to mistakenly waste their time on a project which is dead.

And back when it was alive, I told people that it would take a very long time because I did not want to mislead people. I do not believe it is right to lie to people or withold facts when trying to convince them to work on something without pay.

2006/05/07 05:22:05 PDT by 3Der [0/7]

Ok when I said false hope, I meant some hope. My bad. Instead of saying how long it will take to complete the entire game. We can focus on how long it will take to make a beta version of one stage where you can just walk around. A big project looks intimidating as a whole, but if you break it down and look at it in smaller parts it seems all the more possible. I don't believe its right to lie to people either, but I do believe its good in some situations to not mention information for a better cause. I'm sure that newcomers will quickly catch on that activity is slow without it being spelled in big bold letters. Also I'm sure everyone is old enough to decide for themselves what they feel like doing. Anyways I know that you aren't the type of person to back down, but this is just my point of view.

2006/05/08 20:37:40 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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And my point of view is that everyone should be given all the information so that they may make an informed decision. Assuming that people are able to make the best decisions for themselves given full information, selectively withholding information can only possibly benefit the withholder at the other's expense.

In any case, regardless of whether or not you agree with me on this, the fact remains that neither I nor Dev has the time or inclination to lead this project. With no leader, the project is dead. If someone else wants to step in and take over, I'll be happy to let them pick up where we left off.

2006/10/17 17:30:34 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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It is not dead, technically. It has slowed down to a halt because nobody has motivation, time, patience or understanding to help them continue to contribute. I'm currently unemployed (again) and not in education for the time being, so I have plenty of time =]

Things are in the works to get things going again soon.

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