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2004/08/12 18:21:48 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]
Awards: 3 from Dev

these i drew out of my head and thought you could take a look and see if you want me to draw more

2004/08/12 21:57:51 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Hey, that's great! I like the bottom one the best easily, but the top two are interesting. I think we should keep that general idea in mind when we design at least one dragon. Keep up the good work!

...but maybe don't post anymore until P:RV so that Temp will have an easier time, aite? Not to say I don't want to see what else lies in store from your corner of the world. You have loads of talent, I can tell. Good job!

2004/08/13 00:05:45 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Ehhh... minor things like this won't throw off the system too much, so no problem posting a concept drawing or two now. But note that they won't get as much attention now as they will if you post them after the relaunch. ::shrug::

2004/08/13 10:58:49 PDT by Dev [manager]
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With Temp's advice in mind, it's up to you, Indigo (hey... can I call you Indi? ^_^), if you want to wait until relaunch. That said, I can assure you we'd love to see more. This is some high-quality work...

...at least as far as I can tell. My only gripe is that, even on this crappy 800x600 laptop screen, the pic is a bit small to make out some finer details. Even so, I agree with Mystik that the bottom concept is closest to what we're looking for. I think the other two appear a little too animal-ish, i.e. without a human-like personality underlying their selfs, and the bottom one looks more articulate, one that could actually communicate emotion and human-like expression (important for identifying with out dragon characters). So, keep that in mind for further work if you like.

... man, have I been the king of run-on posts lately or what?

2004/08/13 20:46:54 PDT by 3Der [0/7]
Edited at 2004/08/13 20:48:38 PDT

so i finally come out of the shadows and speak...

well I think that any drawn creature(character) could be capable of expressing human like emotions if given facial expressions(I believe there is no limit in animation or character designing). i like the top one the best in design terms,because its the most original. it looks like a mix of half dragon and half dinasouar, I think it would be good as a female dragon it has a soft looking character. the middle one would be good for an old wise dragon sort of thing. the last one has a strong,young,possibly evil image/character. I think they are all great drawings and all could be put to use but the last two designs i have seen many times so i would say the top is my favorite.

2004/08/13 23:08:50 PDT by Gambit Jones [0/0]

This is only my personal opinin, and I find myself humble, to giving suggestions since I am fairly new with the project. But I find that the top Dragon has a head that doesn't fit the neck.
I agree with 3der about how creatures can express emotion. It just needs to be done right other wise it might appear to be funny looking when it isn't meant to be.
But again this is just my opinon and I think that if 3der wants to improve or change his drawings at all, he should remember that, "a work of art must be built, then thrown down the mountain side, and from what ever remains of the original, is built upon again. Repeat the process until nothing falls off and you will have a master pieace." - Leonardo Da Vinci

2004/08/14 10:17:37 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]

as to creating emotion telepathy is what i was thinking for the reptillia dragons

2004/08/14 11:13:14 PDT by 3Der [0/7]

I didnt draw the drawings gambit jones btw :)
Well your right about perfecting your work untill there are no flaws found, and on second look i believe the head is a little small. was that what you were talking about?

and indigohawk, if the dragons create emotion using telepathy how will we let the player know how it is feeling? by text? just wondering...

2004/08/14 16:43:03 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Maybe just text without a background box, like when ghosts or injured people in Guldove's bed talk (or Schala telepathically communicates) in Chrono Cross. *shrug* Are you saying they telepathically communicate with only each other, or with everybody (or anybody they so choose to "hear" them? Hmm...now that's an interesting idea...)?

2004/08/19 11:57:16 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]

ok heres the whole telepathy thing, have any of you ever read dragonriders of pern? well in this series the dragons have an intimate telepathic bond with there human partener chosen at birth, and a telepathic bond with every other dragon... now if i could tweek that a bit to tell you that they could talk to anybody that way what would you say.
and as to how to present this, use italics, quotation marks, anything.
but basically treat it as any other verbally talking dragon.
understand my point of veiw?
i grew up having a tight bond with my drawing skills,my imagination, and the draconic world, so if you could make this work id be most pleased...

2004/08/19 12:05:16 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]

by the way big announcement, for me anyway, posting new dragon tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!1

2004/09/20 12:57:03 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

Hey, great drawing, the bottom left owns me.

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