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crocs rock! heres my croc raptor
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2004/08/14 10:12:35 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]
2004/08/14 11:25:53 PDT by 3Der [0/7]

I think the idea is brilliant, alligator scales and tail design to create a dragon. but I think something about the anatomy could be made better...I'm not sure what though...maybe the tail a little too long?

2004/08/14 16:46:08 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Well...initial feelings: disgusted? I dunno, something along those lines. Then I loved it, and it didn't take long. The only thing I have to say: I agree with 3Der about the tail...maybe if the under section kept going instead of just...stopping when the "tail" section begins. Also, I'd like to see the skin consistency in the legs. They looked rather smooth in comparison to the rough details of the rest of the body. Another great pic, "Indy."

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