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enna again...
2002/11/26 05:23:06 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Arghh! Why doesnt anyone understand? When you look at the illustration don't you just see that her hair is wrong?

I am not against ponytails just that long hair(waistline level) + ponytail = makes Brooke look hippish. Cant we just lose the ponytail and let her hair fall down, or make her have a short ponytail? Brooke is supposed to be into herself, selfish,and someone who doesnt think about others(at least at first). So she should be into fashion. If anyone should have that hairstyle it should be Enna being the more wild type and all. If everyone doesnt mind a different hairstyle I don't see why we can't change it. because i would hate that part of her character if the game were to come out and she was like that.

2002/11/26 13:08:25 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

How much fashion would you care about if you were on a long trip? I mean where is Brooke off to when she meets Ko? Right. So a pony tail is somewhat fashionable, but also functional. Function being the major factor here since she's not a home in court. Also, just because she is a litle princess type let's NOT make her into a pathetic 'valley girl' type ok? There are plenty of ways to make a princess into a selfish brat without that, and besides she's living during wartime, she'd have some sense of that, and be able to lead at least in some degree. She just hasn't had it all spelled out for her yet. It hasn't quite hit home that she's not the queen of the world...get were I'm going? AS to Enna I picture her having an edge. In her looks, and in her personality. There is one pic that I think fits her well. (it was around here somewhere...) It was a side shot where she was wearing a green jerkin type thing, and her hair was in a braid. Her skin was a darker color than any of the others so far. I thought that portrayed her edge very well. I don't think she'd be too 'hot', but she'd definately have a cold beauty thing going. Very collected, and a real Ice Maiden to those on the outside looking in. (those who haven't gotten to know very well. Like Syne in the beginning)

Anyone know what happened to that pic? It was up here in one of the Ill. threads I thought...

BTW I always pictured Cade and Brooke as a couple at some point...it just fits them being nobility and all.....whatever....

2002/11/26 16:57:29 PST by Dev [manager]
[Dev's avatar]

Very good comments there, Aetrus! Your ideas on both Brooke and Enna are practically reflections of mine! ;D

Also, let's not forget that Brooke should be considered more of a "prince" than a "princess." Remember that traditional Protean society pegs the female as the dominant, warrior gender role. Just something to keep in mind regarding Brooke and Proteans in general.

2002/11/26 17:12:16 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

3der, I'm sorry, but you're very opinionated in this matter. I for one was so pleased with her hair, it was probably one of my favorite aspects of her. I love that kind of hair, especially long, and I thought it fit her being a princess as well. So, I guess it must be opinionated.

I love that description of Enna Aetrus. Cold beauty...also, I do kind of see her in a braid. Very nice ;). But I think the cold beauty should be an actual beauty. Maybe not jaw dropping, but still very attractive. Like a typical Utah girl ;) (No joke, 90% girls out here are hot, and those are the "ok" ones, hehe)

2002/11/26 17:12:55 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Hmmm...it seems like i won't be able to change your minds so I'll shut up(I like valley girl brats btw). That pic i think your talking about is in Fate of Io>Story>characters>playable characters>Enna. I thought that was a monster illustration at first(j/k) :P

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