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my childhood horror
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2004/08/24 12:27:35 PDT by Indigohawk [0/5]

when i was little this beast actually haunted me well in my mind...
so i thought you could use him as a charecter monster.
he has a deep gurgling voice and glowing red eyes and has rat and birds as spies

2004/08/24 14:37:27 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Maybe the boss that attacks Brooke and Ko during flight from Tarikun?

Personally I don't think that does this monster justice...that is rather frightening. It would make a good side quest boss or something, maybe a nightmare plaguing Ko or Enna or Dell (chosen because of their background/previous experiences/situations)...or maybe even a secret of Rheya's past? I dunno...this is a rather frightening looking beastie...great drawing, dude!

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