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2002/11/01 19:40:13 PST by Manga no Kami [0/10]
Awards: 5 from Dev

Well, here's something I've been slaving over for nearly a week now, tweaking and perfecting. This is my 'finalized' version, meaning that I've done all I can for now with this piece. I am, of course open to suggestions, though, and I'm already getting feedback from another forum I'm on (A group of Die-Hard FF music fans).

Personally, I think it would make a great title screen theme, but Dev seems to disagree. ;) So let us know what you guys think.

2002/11/01 23:38:25 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

not bad! It reminds me of a FF4 in the string melody and trumpet parts. It reminds me of FF5 in the general feel of the atmosphere, and it reminds me of FF7 in the voicing and the bells. This makes a good theme. When it breaks out it really reminds me of a certain FF5 track..I can't remember the title. This sure has the FF vibe. I'm not sure if that is good or not, but the music, the voicing, and the overall composition is solid. It sounds very video-gamish though. (I realize we have a video game here, but bear with me) It seems that more expressive less rigid music conveys ideas a bit more smoothly. That would mean letting it flow rather than simply applying set note lengths and values. I'll attempt to upload a small example at some point. (I gotta remember how to connect my computer cia midi again lol)

All in all a very worthy composition. I like it alot, and it is a very welcome addition to our music library. I think it could be used to introduce a town or a sequence of events, but not the main theme. Good work overall.

2002/11/01 23:52:09 PST by Manga no Kami [0/10]

Mind you, this is a 'crap midi,' if you will (hence the 'video-gamey' sound, for which I really apologize). When I make an mp3 version, it will improve the sound drastically (Note this applies to ALL my submissions). However, since the program I use to sequence midi's uses a manuscript score interface, I can keep better track of harmonies, even though quality suffers a bit. I use (believe it or not) MTV Music Generator 2 to create mp3 versions of the stuff I write, and some of the stuff I write with it, I have been unable to convert to a reasonable midi version. But enough of my rambling about my technical problems, the song...

Yeah, I've gotten the obvious comparison to Final Fantasy music already, except none that you've mentioned. I've been told the bells/ low string entrance reminds them of FF VI, actually. Also, I purposely left it a bit 'loose' so that it could accomodate later additions/ subtractions later on. But I also think that on it's own, as a stand alone composition, it is a complete piece, so that if nothing ever came of it that required changes, it wouldn't remain unfinished. So, yeah, if you guys have some thoughts about restructuring, let me know, and I'll crack it open again. Thanks for the honest commentary, though. I really need more of it from people who know their stuff. ;) I don't know enough musicians or gamers who know anything about music. And sorry 'bout the length... =S

2002/11/02 04:07:58 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

You know, both of your submissions sound like they came right out of an FF game... don't worry, I'm not accusing you of anything -- I would recognize any actual FF song instantly. They just have the same feel... (coming from me, that's definately a complement.)

Although, there is one point at the end of this one where it actually launches my brain into the FF7 overworld theme... but it's not a big deal.

2002/11/02 08:19:22 PST by Manga no Kami [0/10]
Edited at 2002/11/02 08:20:37 PST

I know, but I swear it was complete coincidence. I literally cut and pasted the recorder melody and string harmonies from the other song, cranked the tempo up to 120, and added a snare drum. When I played it back, I said, "Crap, it's the march from the end of FF VII!" But I left it in hopes I could change it enough that it wouldn't sound so similar, but I only half succeded. =S Oh well, at least it's a copy of a GOOD song... :P Thanks for the complement though, I get that about a lot of my works.

2002/11/13 07:41:31 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Very Nice. I like this better then the other song. its not as repeative.

2002/11/21 20:04:31 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

The beginning sounds just like something from a movie, but I can't remember which one. I would sware that I've heard it before though. Except for sounding like so much like that movie theme in the beginning it was very good. It's not that I disliked that particular song from whatever movie that was, it's just that, to me, it sounded to be in the same key and have the same tempo. Almost kind of like you just stripped it off the soundtrack put it into midi and threw your name on it. Even though later it did sound completely different, it kept the same feeling and would be very pleasant to listen to while focussing on other things, like playing a game.

Good job, keep it up.

BTW what program do you use for your midi work?

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