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2002/12/14 16:33:19 PST by Alex [0/0]
Edited by Temporal at 2005/05/08 21:19:29 PDT

Contains 139 of FoI's MIDI files I've archived. No dupes unless I missed something, I don't have much time to be tedious. UnknownOne would probably have a more complete backup anyway. Listen with FoIFont.

EDITORS NOTE: This archive contains very old submissions made prior to the establishment of the Terms of Service. It may be interesting to look through, but we need to be careful about actually using any of this. - Temporal

2002/12/14 16:36:15 PST by cmaff05 [0/5]

Thanks, Alex.

2002/12/14 20:11:20 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Yes! Very good! It's a good idea to have a thread like this or some place where one could d/l the current zip file with everything. I'll start keeping one after this, and post it from time to time. (unless a general d/l page becomes available then I'll just up-load from time to time)

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