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2003/01/12 04:03:30 PST by Kane Jordison [0/0]

Hello, it's me again, I havent been active here for, let me think, a year and a bit now. I am now a composer of a somewhat different style and I will do stuff for you if you ask me. Im not sure what to do, so, mah!

Heres a sample of something I've done recently.

2003/01/12 13:02:27 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Uhm...that's cool! But...where could we use it? Are you just testing that type of genre, or was this meant to be in-game? It's cool, I see potential here...I just don't think I like how seashore-y it is with a sudden change...just too awkward for me. I like both parts, just not together. Cool!

2003/01/12 13:09:31 PST by Kane Jordison [0/0]

I wasn't suggesting that we use it for the game. BTW, I'm back, lol. The point was I was displaying the general genre that I am writing in at this moment, and for a while now. I am suggesting to use this type of genre mainly for actiony type scenes etc. like chases (though this has been done before) but the idea was that I do a type of power metal chase scenes with very fast movements etc. I like that type of thing. I also tend to use a lot of strings. Just give me things to compose and I'll sit and think. Mah.

2003/01/12 18:29:54 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

I know that a few of our other composers have a some very, very nice string sound fonts. You should talk to Dev and get those fonts from him or Nix, at least I think it's Nix. Just to let you know that there are some great sound fonts that we have lying around.

On another note, the peice that you submited for some add reason reminds me of Chrono Cross, just the hole up beat sound. Thats not a bad thing but I'm glad that you mentioned that you were'nt suggesting that we use it for the game in state of completion. It is very nice to hear a rather different style from the rest of the compositions that have been submited. Can't wait to hear something a little more complete.

Oh, and welcome back.

2003/01/12 22:25:53 PST by 3Der [0/7]
Edited at 2003/01/12 22:27:07 PST

I liked that piece alot. Very nice.

EDIT: btw anyone know where i can download the main theme for this project,"tears for your soul"?

2003/01/12 22:41:24 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

TO 3der: I have if you give me your email addy or aim sn. It would be nice to post that info in your profile or something.

I like this one. It has a sort of irish structure to it. It sure does remind of me of Chrono Cross though! (not necessarily bad) It has that same standard drum kit with bass guitar structure that the Chrono series and some other Square RPGS in the same vein do. Very cool. Though I personally prefer full orchestral style. (my preference is not what I am judging or reviewing on)

let's see what else ya got that might be more FoI specific! Good stuff indeed. I'm interested to see where you go next dude.

2003/01/12 22:47:59 PST by 3Der [0/7]
Edited at 2003/01/12 22:53:53 PST

nevermind i downloaded it from the music section heh, thx for the offer though :)

EDIT: btw, anyone ever listen to the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack? its got some GREAT music. I expecially liked the alice in the wonderland theme.

2003/01/13 09:44:48 PST by Kane Jordison [0/0]

I do tend to use a large orchestra aswell, it depends on the mood that I'm in. ill put some other stuff up in a .zip file if you want. Are there any decent chase scenes that could possibly be turned towards to the speed metal genre? It could work, but I don't know, I'm not going to be directly involved in this project, but apart from schoolwork, I want a reason to compose. I was here about 2 years ago, so I decided to come back. Mah.

2003/01/13 18:41:10 PST by nixxin [0/33]

hey, i'm pretty sure the melody and bass can be used quite effectively! nice job. i can see what you're saying about the chase scene, but i don't particularly like the key changes and repetition if it's going to used for a chase scene (just some constructive criticism for the purposes of this project).

if you need some fonts, i have a couple nice ones (or use a mixer, those work well). Dev should have some really nice ones too. also talk to Xeno and Aetrus.

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