Fate of Io
The Provinces, revised
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2003/02/10 23:08:32 PST by Dev [manager]
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Temp made me do this. Blame him.

Actually, I like some of the changes I made. The piano leads the melody a little more mellowly. I think I also figured out how to get that string soundfont to be more precise in its rhythm. Enjoy.

2003/02/10 23:15:55 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Very nice. :)

2003/02/11 01:20:05 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Wow!! This is great stuff...you are a true genius.

2003/02/13 10:33:01 PST by XenoMP [0/20]

This is really nice, better than the earlier one :)

Dev, where do you get the piano sound? It's really nice. Do you use some digital piano perhaps? :)

2003/02/13 13:58:20 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Awesome. For what, again? Sorry, I haven't always been following up on the music.

2005/06/07 16:56:48 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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So you ousted the cistern, then? It still sounds nice. Especially on *my* speakers.

D'ya mind if I can have a teensie Midi type..of the guitar in the background for my own work?

Why does the flute in this piece remind me of Ninjai? I like how the flute notes tweet together... like birds. That's the kind of flute I like, that makes my skin tingle and my eyes light up with tears. I dunno why music gets me this way.

2005/06/07 18:35:00 PDT by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

This came before the version with the cittern. The cittern is in version 3 of this piece, which also includes a few new measures in the melody.

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