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Avemy - New Composition
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2003/06/27 10:53:35 PDT by cmaff05 [0/5]
Awards: 5 from Dev

I was looking through the MIDI archive, and I noticed that there wasn't really any Avemy MIDIs, one of the most important locations in the game. The one I saw was only a concept.

So, I decided to compose an Avemy piece. I look at the description, and envisioned a piece. Well, after a few days of hard work, I got a decent motif going, and I expanded it.

This is not finished, but tell me what you think. What should be improved? Does it fit Avemy? General comments?

Thank you.

2003/06/27 15:37:56 PDT by nixxin [0/33]

the overall mood of the piece can definitely be used for Avemy. you might want to change the volume of some of the tracks...give the melodic tracks more umph over the somewhat loud choral and string tracks.

there was only one place where the music made me cringe..that was around 1:51..it's too...choppy. smooth that out a bit and the piece will really kick ass.

2003/06/27 17:35:33 PDT by cmaff05 [0/5]

Comments taken, and thanks for honest advice.

I really appreciate it.

2003/06/28 11:15:36 PDT by Music Man089 [0/0]
Edited by Temporal at 2003/06/28 13:21:21 PDT

I did actually write one, that might be the concept you saw. It's here (http://mm089.and-then.org/music/avemy.mid) But I prefer yours, s'better. S'grand. Go you.

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