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Extended Main Theme (proposal)
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2004/01/22 15:42:59 PST by Dev [manager]
Edited at 2005/04/22 13:00:57 PDT
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Having listened to some of my older music, it occurred to me that the main theme never really quite cut it for me. For some reason, it felt like the thing was too darn short; indeed, many melodic themes such as this one are a bit longer than the current eight measures. So, finally, I went back to add on an additional eight measures to the main theme. Some older members will probably think this is blasphemous, I'm sure, but give it some time to sink in before you dismiss this new version simply because it's new.

This is a simple arrangement for guitar and strings, and is intended to be looped. Click the download button above to get it.

2004/01/22 19:18:31 PST by Temporal [manager]
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::thumbs up::

2004/01/22 20:17:27 PST by Bennettt2 [0/27]

Hey is that guitar part of the FOI soundfont? Sounds so real!

2004/01/22 22:53:42 PST by nixxin [0/33]

sounds unbelievable! this is really awesome!

2004/01/25 14:36:11 PST by Zan [0/0]
Edited at 2004/02/24 13:11:23 PST

Beautiful! Sounds like a track for a film score, which is great.

2005/04/22 02:58:31 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Hey, Dev, you put a direct link to the MIDI of this piece in your post, and that link is now broken. Can you remove that link and upload the MIDI as an extra file attachment?

2005/04/22 13:01:07 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Done and done.

2005/04/22 13:34:44 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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... Crap. That didn't work. Because this file was imported from v4, it is in a separate "v4" directory on the files host. But the MIDI is new and was thus not placed in the v4 directory. But apparently I store the directory name for the submission as a whole and not per-file. -_-

Added at 2005/04/22 13:37:12 PDT

The correct URL can be produced by replacing "v4" with "media" in the MIDI's URL. Unfortunately, I can't just post a link because of the link protection.

2005/05/25 01:15:32 PDT by falkreon [0/5]

Seems to me like the new measures are a lot better than the old ones. They're more original, and they capture a sort of worldly calm I think is very cool at title screens. I'd just drop everything but the end of the old part, and fold that little piece into the loop point of the new part.

On the one hand, I'm a total noob, and my above comments are probably heresy. On the other, I'll probably arrange the piece at some point and let you hear what I mean.

2005/05/25 18:41:50 PDT by Dev [manager]
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If those comments are heresy, then we're all a band of outlaws. Or ... some other awful analogy of your choosing. Anyway, feedback is a crucial component of the project, so never hesitate to give it! I'd love to hear what you mean .... because I can't really tell. >_<

But it's good to see a new face, and try not to feel too noobish ... I think I'm kinda feelin' that way myself, since I've been gone a while .... oh yeah. Hi, guys, I'm back from gradumacation! Finally got Internet back to this ye olde rustice housee. ::cough:: But I digress.

2005/05/30 07:53:17 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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*claps for Dev getting moved and for noobs who don't act like noobs* =)

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