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A Song... With a Beginning, Middle, and an End
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2005/06/06 18:00:01 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I have no idea what this may be used for. I was looking at all the characters (playable only, so far) to see what would fit what... I called it Journey because the plodding way it started out. Really, the song sort of wrote ME instead of the other way around.

If this song cannot find a home here, don't worry - I've got plenty more. Any feedback?? *Is nervous, as this is her first submission*

2005/06/07 15:42:38 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Like with your other piece, your instrumentation is very good ... but since there's no clear patterns, I have no idea what it might be used for either. :P (And, unfortunately, if it isn't submitted as something for the project, I can't award it points.)

2005/06/07 16:01:50 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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'Kay...want me to remove it?

2005/06/07 16:08:57 PDT by Dev [manager]
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We generally avoid removing all submissions, including posts. I think the general philosophy at this project is "you can never have too much!" We might, for instance, come up with a scene much later down the road and say to ourselves, "Hey, selves! You remember that piece that Stix wrote way back when? That'd be perfect for this!" In that case, I would want to come back here and reward you points for this submission, since it did turn out to be useful after all. I'm not saying it's likely, but I think that answers your question. :P

2005/06/07 16:18:29 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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It did. And I'm grateful. I'll definitely stick around and hopefully see this to its beautiful ending.

2005/06/14 19:59:07 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I like the beginning, it makes me think it would work for Dell's cave, maybe.

As for the middle and end, it kinda reminds me of a Shadow from FFVI-esque thingy, and I didn't feel any part of the game could work with it.

But I seriously can hear the beginning part being inside Dell's cave. Or even the construction site at Pylos Delta...but mostly Dell's cave.

2005/06/15 11:18:07 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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You mean just using that entire section for Dell's Cave? That entire tiny teenie section?

..Well, okay. LOL...the rest of the song being an ENTIRE waste of time..haha...

2005/06/15 13:56:49 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Well use the beginning as the idea and make it bigger based on that, but yea...basically ^_^ But that's just my opinion.

2005/06/16 16:13:00 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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okay. Just as soon as I finish this ....*very* unofficial drawing of Hyde....

2005/06/17 14:17:59 PDT by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2005/06/17 14:18:11 PDT
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I want to comment that I especially like the "end" part, starting around 1:40.

I'm really liking your work, Stix. The only problem is, of course, the MIDI instruments (which sound decent but not great on my system). If we could find a way to get these rendered nicely as MP3's, I'd probably put them in my personal playlist...

Added at 2005/06/17 14:24:43 PDT

BTW, Stix, I noticed your profile has no contact info in it. I understand if you don't want that info to be public, but do you think you could send Dev or myself some way to contact you? Otherwise we have to rely on you checking the site regularly if we want to talk to you about anything...

2005/06/17 14:38:34 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Okay. I'll put my AIM up there and such. My E-mail, also, is impossible to use for new people who know me unless I add them to my contact's list..otherwise if you're not on my Email contact list, your message goes straight to the junk box, sweethearts. (Yahoo!)

Anyway. Off to the races. I'll add you guys on my emails if I can.

2005/06/17 14:47:46 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Doh! When I send e-mail, it comes from temporal@gmail.com, so you'll have to tell your e-mail server to accept that address too.

2005/06/17 14:54:45 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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...Are you trying to kill me? *Dies* AHHH!! *Giggles* You'll be recieving an email from me shortly. Again. lol

Added at 2005/06/17 16:09:42 PDT

Okay, sorry. My email: bijin_megami@Hotmail.com
My AIM: Fallen Inoue

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