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Some Doomy Exploration Music
2005/06/17 13:32:41 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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As if we never have enough doomy drum-like music. I'm sorry that it somehow sounds dreadfully inspired by Dev's Drummy "To the Summit" song..but I wanted to do it. Once I hit Submit I shall commence work on "Dell's Cave" music. So there.

2005/06/17 14:56:40 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Heeey, that beat sounds familiar. (I think it was used for the SeeD briefing music in FF8... but no matter.) This is pretty good, for as simple as it is. Very jungly; I can see this being used for Chapter 6 (maybe, depending how we resolve that plot split) when Cade and his troops are leading the party to Pylos Gamma. Or ... expanded upon a bit, and used. ;)

2005/06/17 15:05:04 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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"expanded a bit, and used"? Whassat mean? You *won't* use it?

I think the SeeD briefing music was a LITTLE different. I mean it - I've played all the games. And it's so weird to be making a game with folks who are about the same kind of people as I am - who sit around and play games ALL day long!

So when I make something, I try NOT to make something sound too much like something else. Everything I've heard on Io sounds really familiar but that's probably because of all of the similar influences we've gotten. Still, I like the way all of this is startin' to sound. I'm not worried about so many folks writing the music for it. Gives it a lot of flavah.

2005/06/17 15:09:10 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I agree about the SeeD drums, but I also agree that it's good. Just keep pumping out the good stuff...but don't make too much, or I won't be able to make anything worth being official! =p

Added at 2005/06/17 16:36:21 PDT

No no no, don't take it that way, please. I was only kidding, but I do like your stuff.

2005/06/17 15:13:31 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I think I'll stop then for awhile... *LOL* It's not.... polite of me to throw all this on you guys. Plus you probably work hard enough as it is. ;)

2005/06/17 22:12:42 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Mystik: Don't use appends to reply to later posts. It's confusing.

Stix: Please keep submitting. We like it.

2005/06/18 18:55:13 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Sorry x_X

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