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Industrial Monsters (re: "Submission with a Titan City Focus")
2005/06/17 14:48:09 PDT by Dev [manager]
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So here's a little something to add to all the music that Stix has been submitting. This department has been rockin' lately. :P

This is basically a remix of Mystik's original submission, less of an arrangment. Mystik, unfortunately, had used a program that doesn't allow him to save his work, so I thought it might be useful to recreate an editable copy of the piece. Of course, I've expanded on it a bit and created a loop, but the idea was really just to bring the song up to FoI submission standards. Hope you like what I did with it, Mystik.

2005/06/17 14:51:12 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I swear it almost looked like "edible" instead of "editable". I still like this song because it sounds so different!! Muahaha. I want to make sure that this gets onto the game 'cause that's how it should work. It sounds a little scary when you listen to it a couple of times.

2005/06/17 14:55:46 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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2005/06/17 15:00:19 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Yes I do. Yes I do. Yes I really really do. Forget my submission, lol, at least I feel I've inspired something people wanna work with. But I really like this version quite more than mine, it really feels more "video-game" than mine. It's just the volume balance is way off on the MIDI...though that might be a combination of my awful soundcard and terrible laptop speakers...

2005/06/17 15:06:05 PDT by Captain Vimes [0/13]

I like it muchly. The layering of sounds makes it pretty enjoyable to listen to.

2005/06/17 15:09:21 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Yeah, I should mention that the MIDI file I put in isn't completely GM. -_- ... sorry about that. Maybe I'll fix it if someone can't figure out how to alter it to their liking.

But anyway, I realized that this version might fit well with the first time our party explores aboard Pylos Epsilon (which occurs with Enna and Cade in Chapter 15). It's a little too upbeat and active to be ongoing location music, I feel.

2005/06/17 15:15:12 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Dev..? I don't know how to change my User INfo..or even GET to it.... Um... Is that a problem?

2005/06/17 16:38:00 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Click on your profile, then click the "Edit Profile" button on the left. (To go to your profile easily, just click your name at the top of any of your posts)

2005/06/17 17:03:56 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I don't see the "Edit Profile" button on any left.... but I'll keep looking for it.

I am a complete dunce when it comes to these types of things.

2005/06/17 22:11:02 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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The button is in the second blue box on the sidebar when looking at your profile.

Added at 2005/06/17 22:11:19 PDT

Oh, it looks like you found it...

2005/06/18 11:07:14 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Yup. Told you I was stupid. It took me four hours to figure it out.

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