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2002/12/06 21:24:22 PST by Dev [manager]
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Some members may remember this one from a while back. I finally pulled it out of the cobwebs and polished it with a few new instrument settings. See if you like 'em ... and then see if you can think of how this piece could be used, because many people thought it was too slow for battle, but to dire for location music ... so ... we'll see.

2002/12/06 22:38:01 PST by Siemova [0/24]
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I dunno who said it wasn't suitable for battle... I think the tempo is just fine. Seems more appropriate for a boss fight than for a normal battle, though.

As for the instrumentation, originally the [flute?] at the beginning didn't quite seem to mesh with the rest, but after a few listens it grew on me a bit. The only other thing I noticed was that some of the high brass notes sound a little harsh, perhaps because of their brevity, or maybe as a result of the [trumpet] you're using? Of course, that could be the effect you were going for, but it sounded almost too dissonant to my ears. Other than that, I thought it was awesome. :) Good stuff, O fearless leader!

2002/12/07 13:08:38 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

I agree with Siemova on the the trumpets being really harsh.

I don't know about battle music at all though, it does have the right tempo but it kind of demands too much attention from the player to really focuss on giving orders to the characters. I think it would make great music for a very dramatic part of the story, like when Syne is rezzed.

Dev, what program do you use for your music creations?

2002/12/23 10:00:09 PST by cmaff05 [0/5]


Just curious; What programs do you use for your music creations? What particular soundfonts, sequencing programs, audio editing programs, etc.


I would like to imitate your setup as much as possible, because I would like to do some MP3 creation also.

2004/01/21 04:05:54 PST by Bennettt2 [0/27]

May I just say that this music piece is just great! Great variety, great timing in key change, great atmosphere! Wow! I think it would suit a boss fight absolutely perfectly. Man, what can I say besides great job! I've been putting this on repeat lately for good reason.

2004/01/21 08:34:59 PST by Seraph [0/1]

I think that the piece is AWESOME. I believe that the piece would be used best in a major boss fight, it wouuld probably go even better in a boss battle with a boss that uses mostly magic type attacks. Especially if after the battle was enhanced by a more solomn dark tune, kind of similar to the sorceress battle on the second disc of FF8.
Anyway its really good, I like it a lot.

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