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Possibly a Ko Theme.
2005/06/18 16:02:57 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Also, concerning my "Funny Delloran", I just read a funny part when Ko was turned into a skunk. Perhaps that whole sequence (or part, since I've learned that listening to it over and over might get annoying)... could have that music playing. Maybe that could be the "humorous situation" music... since writing a funny piece for each moment seems almost like we're overdoing it.

Now, for this one: I'm thinking that somewhere along the lines someone might consider this as Ko's theme. There's a longer version which I will henceforth and upload..and so forth. There's some emotion in this... where Ko has things going through his young mind, who had to make some tough choices before leaving the only life he's ever known with Brooke... he had to watch his brother die, and he's considered suicide. It's a sad life for him. But he finds new friends, and a new reason to live!

I hope this fits. By the way, if it goes on a little longer it's because I had a *bleep* of a time trying to cut off all the excessive stuff at the end..I may have missed some... *Sigh*

2005/06/18 16:19:10 PDT by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2005/06/18 16:23:04 PDT
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Note: You can add files to a submission you have already posted by clicking the "add files" button in the sidebar. So, when you submitted this the other time and forgot to add the file... you could have just added it after the fact. In any case, I deleted it.

Also, I added your "longer" version of this piece to this submission because I don't think there's any reason to have two separate submissions for essentially the same song...

Added at 2005/06/18 16:20:51 PDT

Also, I think Ko already has a theme, although I'm not sure if Dev has uploaded it anywhere.

::glares at Dev::

Added at 2005/06/18 16:26:04 PDT

Music itself is pretty good, as usual, with the same MIDI caveat.

2005/06/18 17:01:32 PDT by Dev [manager]
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It's true, Ko has a pretty distinct musical theme. I'll work on finding a version to upload as soon as I'm done here. >_>

Anyway, Stix, again this is good stuff and my comments will probably sound familiar (I'm just going off of the "long" version, since I assume it includes all the material in the short... correct me on that if I'm mistaken). Your instrumentation is very good, and you have a talent for building up on an established harmonic progression. But if you're submitting thematic material, as before, I had a fairly unfruitful time trying to find any patterns other than the harmonies you established early on. I'm not sure what would count as the "theme" since nothing is particularly identifiable. My challenge to you, if you want a suggestion for a direction to work at, is to start with nothing but a melody. Work at that melody until it sounds good to you, and then (and only then), add underlying harmony. Such a strict method probably isn't the normal way you work (nor very many people, in fact), but you might find it helps you figure out a few new ways of composing. Worth a shot, I think, anyway.

2005/06/18 17:40:01 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Okay... I'll listen to yours, then... but I don't think I have any right to comment anything worthwhile. I know next to nothing about how things are supposed to sound. But I get the idea, and yes, your comments are getting to sound very familiar... So... whee!

2005/06/18 19:04:59 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I actually think this would work with Io pretty well, but it could work with Ko too, in my opinion. I like it, really. I guess I just agree that MIDI is awful...but definetely preferrable for quick listening.

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