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People stealing our images!
Posted by Temporal at 2005/01/22 08:55:28 PST
Edited at 2005/01/22 10:54:40 PST

It has come to my attention that a number of web sites (like, 50 of them, at least) have been stealing images from Fate of Io for display on their own sites. In particular, this image, by Gilgath, is very popular. Most of the offenders were weblogs. Some claimed to have created the image themselves. Others simply displayed the image to go along with some text. In all cases, they embedded the image by URL, meaning that fateofio.org's server was footing their bandwidth bill.

OK, it wasn't very much bandwidth, honestly. But it pisses me off. Why would people do this?

In any case, all of the offending sites are now displaying an annoying pop-up window whenever anyone views them, informing the viewer that the web site's author is a thief (example). In order to make this window appear, I had to tell my server to demand a username and password from anyone viewing the image. There is, in fact, no correct username and password, and even if you did enter correct info, all you'd get is a 404.0 The only purpose of the window is to display the message.

If people start using the image from its new location, I'll simply move it again, and the same thing will happen. Once the new server is running (Real Soon Now) we'll have more robust defenses against this, of course.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this for all the people who are coming to the site wondering why their personal web site now displays this crazy message. To all said people: I hope you have learned your lesson.

2005/01/31 15:05:06 PST by Morpheus [0/5]

Well done, it does not surprise me that people tried to steal some images from here. Glad you humiliated them while stopping it :)

2005/02/07 09:59:24 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

Ugh. So now it appears there are craploads of people registering in the ignorant belief that this will allow them to see the images. If only these people were literate, they could read the above news post and see that it's pointless.

Hopefully the new red-lettered message on the registration page will catch their attention.

When v5 comes around I am going to delete every account that doesn't have a post.

2005/02/07 15:59:12 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Good idea. Maybe a required post-count-per-month should be applied. Maybe, maybe not. Just an idea.

2005/02/08 13:32:25 PST by Captain Vimes [0/13]

Mystic has a good idea, though post-per-month idea would just encourage flooders, erm, well, until their posts get deleted and they get banned.

2005/02/09 07:29:38 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

We can't delete any account that has more than one post without deleting the posts as well. Even if we could, I wouldn't advocate it. Someone who has written at least one post doesn't deserve to have their account deleted, nor will we get much out of deleting their account. I'm just annoyed that we have so many people registered who have never contributed anything.

2005/02/09 13:24:16 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Then maybe a requirement that they should post at least something by 30 days or their account will be automatically deleted? I dunno...just trying to contribute SOMETHING! =)

Oh, and it's Mystik with a 'k' ;)

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