Fate of Io
v5 Beta 3
Posted by Temporal at 2005/02/20 19:45:28 PST

New features:

  • File submissions.

See the media section. Please try uploading stuff. It doesn't matter what. I think this update is going to be pretty buggy, so the first person to find an error (and post the complete error text) gets a cookie!

Also make sure to try adding files to a sumbission which you have already submitted. The rule is, if it's your submission you can add new files to it, but you can't remove the existing ones unless you have moderator rights.

BTW, you may need to hit refresh to get the latest stylesheet. Just press F5 right now and get it over with.

Reminder: I had to reset the file manager, so everyone's avatars have to be re-uploaded.

2005/02/21 08:13:17 PST by Captain Vimes [0/13]

By the way, what's going to be the file protection system you worked up? Does it have anything to do with the horrendously long filename/token?
I could access it from another forum (deleted the post, no worries there), as well as direct link it from the address bar.
Is it simply so they can't encode a direct source link to Fate of Io?

2005/02/21 11:31:14 PST by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2005/02/22 00:53:15 PST
[Temporal's avatar]

The token makes the link work for you but not anyone else. For example, here is a link to one of the pictures you uploaded. That link works perfectly well for me, but it won't work for you.

2005/02/21 16:48:35 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

Bug: "Last Activity" column in files list shows last time the submission was edited rather than last post. Fixed in source.

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