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Posted by Temporal at 2005/03/04 17:00:29 PST

More tweaks. Google search box on the left, which searches just within the fateofio.org domain. Why implement my own search function when Google is already so, so much better?

Your IP address is now properly logged and attached to your profile (visible to admins only) when you post. So behave! :P

2005/03/04 17:28:32 PST by Temporal [manager]
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More notes:

  • Reverted to static time zone. I think the javascript-based auto timezones probably would end up creating confusion rather than reducing it. No one expects a web site to display times in their own time zone. Plus, the calendars were still in the site's time zone, causing more confusion. And, anyway, it took a rather large amount of HTML to achieve (especially in chat logs) and not all of it validated. -_-

  • I went all the way and adapted the ForumCode parser to chat. All inline ForumCode tags (ones which don't require newlines, as opposed to block tags) are supported. And they work in logs too.

  • Implemented score decay.

  • Implemented reward requirements. They're still set at zero, but they could be changed at any time! Though, if the admin changes the requirements for some award (e.g. avatars) and you already have one, you'll keep it unless the admin explicitly takes yours away... Although, you won't be able to edit the reward until you have passed the threshold again. Erm... in general we probably won't be raising reward thresholds much so don't worry about that.

Added at 2005/03/04 17:29:48 PST

That's kinda funny how the <li>'s right side is pushed back by the avatar, while other block elements don't do that. How odd.

2005/03/05 14:28:34 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Do you like... automatic Evlan syntax highlighting?

binarySearch = (sortedArray, isBeforeKey) => find(0, sortedArray.size) where
   find = (start, end) => result where
      midpoint = Scalar.floor((start + end) / 2)
      result =
         if start == end
            then start
         else if isBeforeKey(sortedArray[midpoint])
            then find(midpoint+1, end)
            else find(start, midpoint)

OK, obviously not useful for Fate of Io, but I intend to host evlan.org on this software as well, and auto-highlighting will be very useful there.

2005/03/05 16:41:42 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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What you have looks good so far. I've never really used syntax highlighting (since I'm used to Turbo C++) but I guess it does help.

2005/03/05 16:44:53 PST by Temporal [manager]
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I don't think I could code properly without syntax highlighting.

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