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Posted by Temporal at 2005/05/16 02:01:12 PDT

Just updated Io Community Manager with a bunch of bug fixes and a couple new features. The main new feature is RSS feeds.

Just about every page on this site that is composed of multiple items added over time now has an RSS feed. The news page has an RSS feed. Every forum has an RSS feed. Every thread has an RSS feed. But, of course, the most useful RSS feed would be the activity tracker. In Firefox, you can subscribe to an RSS feed using the orange wavey icon in the lower-right corner. Please do not subscribe to multiple RSS feeds. Just subscribe to the activity tracker to get everything.

2005/10/16 09:35:26 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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I have version 1.0 preview release and I just wanted to let people know that Firefox versions differ with the RSS icon. Mine is simply an orange box with 'RSS' inside it. Self explanatory, really =P

2005/10/16 10:13:08 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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You really need to update to the latest version immediately. Firefox has had quite a few security problems fixed since 1.0PR.

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