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by starting topics to clarify or to make up...

If Pylos didn't know what the 'gems' were that they were mining, why were they mining them? The only use for the ore we speak of is for eumonetic devices, but before Kydran came along to run Pylos and introduce these devices, what other use did it have?

Do new student be admitted willingly? Kidnapped? What are the procedures?

If every major offense made by the Proteans or the Antareans has failed because of the Protectors, why has either race not considered or even attempted a major offense against the Protectors themselves? Is this because they have no physical 'base' of operations and merely act like free-wandering freelancers? Talking of freelancers, surely if they have no base of actions, one of the races would have sent specialist mercenaries to hunt down and eradicate any Protectors? This could open the possibility of a boss fight or two with mercenaries crossing paths with Rush's party. Maybe a legendary merc?

Travel between land masses - possible? What of the few ships that managed to navigate these oceans?

Why are Proteans and Antareans natural enemies? I know why because I've been here for nearly forever but the site itself needs to explain it.

This ties in with above question. I know as a long-term member of the project that the Proteans have a significantly large amount of ore at thier disposal but no ADML knowledge other than a few set words, and the Antareans have little to no ore but they know the language. Surely this is the reason for the war? One race seeks to obtain absolute power? This page needs to go into a little more detail as to why the winner of the Battle of Tarikun would weild absolute power.

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