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2004/10/29 01:30:57 PDT by Bluewindz [0/1]
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The idea of possibly introducing pets into the game. Maybe have a bird or a dog as a lower level pet and maybe a hawk, wolf, dragon as higher level pets/companions.

2004/10/29 08:46:54 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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This could work and could have some interesting applications...

Questions to think about:

  • Who can have pets? Is it a specific character or just any of them? This might be a good "ability" for Ko.

  • What specific abilities do pets have?

  • To what extent can pets be controled by the player? Maybe it would be interesting for pets to follow basic verbal commands given by their master, while being otherwise AI-controled, as opposed to letting the player control them directly like another character. If we wanted to go all out we could throw in some reinforcement learning algorithms and let you train them. :P That might be overkill, though.

2005/05/31 22:05:24 PDT by Riven [0/10]
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This could be a good idea if done properly. In Gauntlet Legends, with a higher level, you get a companion. The companion attacks when you do boosting your damage. Here are some pet ideas.

* Scout/scan/search (things like that)
* Healing
* Increased damage
* Elemental augmentation
* Ignoring certain defenses
* Extra spells
* Extra HP

Just things like that. Of course if things I'm talking about aren't used in the game, I'll sound off my rocker.

2005/10/14 17:39:00 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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I reckon Ko should have a 'Tame' skill. Since he is very much living in the wild, he can track and tame a wild beast and teach it to attack. Obviously not a big part of the game but this would be the thoery behind the skill. He would simply trap/creep up on a beast and use his 'Tame' skill and if successful/high enough stat levle then it gives Ko extra skills such as 'Pet - Peck eyes' and 'Pet - Retrieve'

Maybe instead of using a 'Tame' skill, when encountering a wild beast, the game could initialise a mini-game with the taming process. I'm no specialise in this field but maybe using games testing the player's reflexes, button bashing, etc.

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