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Manga/Book series?
2005/06/01 21:31:52 PDT by Riven [0/10]

As I sat down during lunch reading the godly storyline, I was thinking, once we get this further along in terms of official character concept art, perhaps we can get a manga based off the game somewhere out in the world. And if not a manga, perhaps a mini book series.

Comments anyone?

2005/06/01 21:42:42 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Well, while it could be cool, I have two main problems with this idea:

  • It would distract us from our main goal of creating a game.

  • A good story is usually written for a particular medium, and often doesn't translate well to other mediums. Think about how books based on movies or movies based on books are never as good as the original. Worse yet are books or movies based on video games, since the interactive element of video games makes them so different. I would not want to compromise our story in order to make it work as a manga, so the result would be either that the manga would be very different from the real story, or it wouldn't be very good.

That said, if anyone wants to create this manga, I'm not going to stop them. It's your time to do with as you please.

2005/06/04 06:50:41 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

manga translate to animes well though ^^

but lets not get ahead of ourselves, first and foremost, this is a game project :)

2005/06/24 16:56:25 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Yes it is.

*koffs* FinalFantasyVII:AdventChildren

2005/08/12 14:28:05 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

how many years afterwards? :p

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