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What came first? The motions or the music?
2005/06/02 15:25:36 PDT by Riven [0/10]

I was contemplating music for the scene when we find out about the war that destroyed Tarikun, but I was wondering what the point was to compose music now. It's fine for non-cutscene parts, but with cutscenes and movies and things like that, are we animating to music or composing to animation? If it's undecided at the moment then I'll just work on cutscene BGM ideas.

2005/06/02 15:54:13 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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It seems to me that animating to existing music is easier since timing of animations is more flexible. But I'm not a music person or an animation person so I could be wrong.

2005/06/02 18:19:19 PDT by Riven [0/10]

I figured it might be, but then, composers are going to need an idea of how long a cutscene would be. Animators will kill us if we make a 7 min long song for a scene that in reality wouldn't take that long. Some songs like that could probably be cut down, but some might not be able to do that so easily. Well, we should worry more about that later I think.

2005/06/02 22:24:03 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Yeah, at some point we'll go through each scene and script it out. The artists, musicians, writers, etc. will all discuss the scene together.

2005/06/03 14:50:30 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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It is quite easier to tug and mend a song around animation then to animate to music. They just figure out how long the flick is, memorize what happens when and write! It would be easier if the animator and composer worked together to build a feel so the music guy can give the animator guy his two cents on how fast and what feel and stuff...but that's what I think anyway.

2005/06/03 23:14:27 PDT by Leedar [0/0]

See how the pros do it. The general idea seems you make the music to the visuals, but you also might edit the visuals to better fit the music.

Yes, this is not like a movie in that you have essentially absolute flexibility on both the visuals and the music, but it appears to be a good idea anyway. Is music more important than visuals? In most cases I would say no.

2005/06/04 06:43:38 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

I agree with making music to the visuals on 99% of the fronts, however - Fate of IO is not like most projects, and our music segment is booming in comparison to what we can do visually at this point in time. I'd like to see music be made according to our visuals, and then tug and mend both until they are flawless. But at this point in time, perhaps it is better to script our cut scenes and any major visuals - then do music to them, then visualize, then tug and mend both visuals and music till a flawless completion?

2005/06/04 12:14:11 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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We're thinking too hard about this. :P We'll work on music and animation for a scene at the same time and keep working on it until it feels right.

2005/06/04 16:11:22 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Also I believe Io has a lower-case "o" ;) But you're right Morpheus.

It's nice that we aren't planning full-on FMVs anymore or it would be quite harder to synchronize the two. It was an awesome idea, though. Unrealistic, but fun.

2005/06/05 16:29:04 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

Your right, it is lower case - I probably should have just looked at the title bar of the browser, but as technology progresses, I get lazier. Anyway, I think the point of this thread should be pointing to the fact that anyone can submit any peice of music they feel suits any situation. There is no correct answer at this point in time, but any contibution can be inspirational to someone else. So by all means submit all you can for every given situation you feel you want to.

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